Americans hide Christmas presents in a few obvious places: Find out if your spot is safe

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Hiding Christmas presents is not an easy feat when you live with the gift recipient. And with few options available, most people are reduced to hiding presents in a few obvious spots at home.

If you’re looking to find a place where your gifts won’t be accidentally or intentionally discovered, take a look at this comprehensive holiday survey from Neighbor. The self-storage company commissioned a survey from, which surveyed 1,000 Americans ages 16 and up, and found where people commonly hide and find presents.

The five most common hiding spots are bedroom closets (53%), spare rooms (31.5%), coat closets (26%), under beds (26%) and car trunks (25%).

A new holiday survey from Neighbor claims more than a quarter of Americans hide Christmas presents under a bed.

Other notable hiding spots survey respondents named include spare drawers or cabinets (17%), basements (16%), garages (15%), under couches (14%), someone else’s house (14%), attics (13%), inside desks (11%), somewhere outdoors (11%), kid’s rooms (10%), sheds (10%) and bathrooms (9%). 

Less than 1 in 10 – 8.5% – said they actually use a storage unit to hide presents.

Despite all the effort that goes into gift concealment, impatient gift recipients of all ages are searching for Christmas presents. According to Neighbor’s survey, most gift snoopers first look in bedroom closets (25%), under beds (22%), in car trunks (15%), in coat closets (9%), in kid’s rooms (6%) and spare rooms (6%).

The remaining 17% are searching for their gifts in basements, attics, various pieces of furniture or outside. 

Hiding Christmas presents is not an easy feat when you live with the gift recipient.

Most people who have successfully found their Christmas presents ahead of the holiday told Neighbor they discovered it in a bedroom closet (26%), a car trunk (21%) or a spare room (10%). 

Less than 1 in 10 have found presents in a coat closet (9%), under a bed (8%), in a spare drawer or cabinet (4%), in a garage (3%), in a basement (2%) or in an attic (2%). Meanwhile, 15% said they’ve found presents in “another location.”


Even though some gift recipients have had their Christmas surprises spoiled by finding presents in common household areas, a little more than half of Neighbor’s survey respondents believe they’re good at hiding presents.

Bedroom closets are the most common place where people find Christmas presents, according to Neighbor’s holiday survey.

Roughly 50.1% said they “have never had gifts found” while 49.9% said they “have had gifts found.”

The Christmas season for 2021 is projected to be a big one with the United States Postal Service expecting to deliver 12 billion letters, cards and packages throughout the country. 

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