Andrew Cuomo Talks Spending Time With His Kids Amid Social Distancing

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show and talked about social distancing with his three daughters: Cara, Mariah and Michaela.

“They’re in their early 20s, so hanging out with dad is not super cool right now,” he told Jimmy Fallon. “But that was the silver lining to the quarantine. They had to come home. So, they’re with me and that’s actually great.”

He also said his children are normally “out there living their lives” and that having to be at home has given them extra time together. 

“In a crazy way, this gave me time with them that I would have never had,” he said. “So, that’s been great.”           

In addition, he talked about being named one of the “most desirable” men in New York and his reaction to the fans who’ve developed a crush.

“I enjoy using it selectively with certain friends and family, actually. And those people who are saying good things, it’s only because they don’t know me, Jimmy. When they get to know me, they have a much different opinion,” he quipped.

One of those family members could be his brother Chris Cuomo. The siblings have made headlines over their friendly banter, including their discussions about the governor being single.

Of course, Cuomo has also made headlines over his leadership in his state’s battle against the coronavirus. During his interview with Fallon, Cuomo said New Yorkers “still have to stay disciplined,” such as by continuing to wear masks.

Watch the video to see his interview.

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