Asda opening hours: What time are Asda opening hours for the elderly?

Stockpiling is leaving groups more at risk of suffering badly from coronavirus even more vulnerable. The empty shelves of supermarkets mean this group and NHS workers are struggling to get their hands on any essential goods. Panic buyers don’t seem to be getting the message, so supermarkets have set designated shopping hours for them to come in before the crowds and get everything they need.

When is ASDA open?

ASDA’s opening times may vary depending on stores and locations.

ASDA’s 24-hour stores are now only open between 12am and 6am.

To check when your local store opens, use ASDA’s store locator here.

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When is ASDA open for the elderly?

The supermarket chain has not specified an opening time for the elderly, instead choosing to prioritise NHS workers.

Only NHS workers have the opportunity to roam larger stores between 8am and 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How is ASDA helping the vulnerable?

ASDA has placed a limit on certain purchases, from cleaning products to pasta.

Other than this, the supermarket owners will be donating £5 million to FareShare and Trussell Trust.

Both charities are helping the vulnerable to access food during this frightening time.

The online statement adds: “This will provide over 4 million meals to families impacted by Coronavirus as well as giving more than 3000 charities the ability to access free food over the next three months as they fight to tackle the impacts of COVID-19 in their communities.”

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How is ASDA coping with the coronavirus outbreak?

ASDA has distributed extra cleaning materials in stores, and staff in charge are making sure cleaners are focusing on a “more frequent schedule in the high traffic areas” of stores.

The online statement says: “We are also topping up the cleaning stations at the front of our stores more frequently, making it easier to sanitise trolleys and baskets before and after use.”

Non-essential services, such as rotisserie and pizza counters, are closed to free up space in warehouses.
This, in turn, means there’s a better chance of keeping the shelves stocked.

Is ASDA accepting cash?

While it seems that cash will be accepted at ASDA, the website says:
“We would urge our customers to use cashless payment options to reduce contact with our colleagues and help prevent further spread of the virus.”

Is ASDA paying staff that cannot work?

Where colleagues have been identified as being part of a vulnerable group and need to self-isolate, they will receive full pay for the full 12 weeks to protect their health.

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