Ashley Graham Had to Navigate Her Newborn Son's First Diaper Disaster at Staples

When nature calls, Ashley Graham answers!

On Friday, the 32-year-old model got real about motherhood when she shared an Instagram photo of her changing newborn son Isaac Menelik Giovanni‘s dirty diaper while shopping at a Staples store.

In the candid shot, Graham — wearing wearing a black sweater and printed leggings — is crouched on the floor in the middle of a stationary aisle as she wipes her son’s behind. Meanwhile, her 1-month-old lays on his back on what appears to be a padded blanket.

“Sht just got real!” she captioned the picture. “First diaper blow up while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!”

Graham also covered her son’s face and butt with brown heart emojis.

When a fan made a remark asking “who goes to staples these days,” the Pretty Big Deal podcast host replied, “LOL! I asked myself the same question!”

This was not the first time Graham gave fans a glimpse into her life as a new mom. Earlier this week, she shared a series of photos and videos of herself nursing her baby boy while juggling other responsibilities.

“Multitasking Sunday,” she captioned a snap on her Instagram feed, which showed her looking down at her phone while breastfeeding Isaac in bed.

On Monday, she posted an Instagram Story of her baby boy sleeping on her shoulder — writing, “Isaac loves naps on Mama” — before uploading two videos. In the first, Graham said, “I’m using my time wisely by watching the documentary Babies on Netflix. I can’t get enough. They’re so fascinating.”

A second, serene video presented without comment on Monday showed a close-up of little Isaac, breastfeeding as his tiny hand covered his face, while another clip Graham shared on her Instagram Story Tuesday showed her using a breast pump inside a car. She wrote atop the latter footage, “First pump in an Uber. Ever so slightly awkward.”

Graham’s transparency about her life during the first few weeks of the postpartum period extends to her own body, as well. Last week, she shared a nude photo that saw her covering her breasts with one arm and presumably taking the shot with the other hand, showing off a number of purple-tinged stretch marks across her lower torso.

“Same me. Few new stories,” she wrote in the accompanying text.

Graham and her husband Justin Ervin welcomed Isaac on Jan. 18.

According to the star, she and Ervin were inspired to choose Menelik — which means “son of the wise” — after taking a trip to Ethiopia last Christmas and learning that the country’s first emperor was named Menelik I.

“So everything in his name is pointing to legacy,” Ervin said on an episode of Pretty Big Deal, citing Isaac’s significance in the Bible. He also explained that Giovanni was suggested by a friend, and is a nod to both his and Graham’s grandfathers as well as the founder of a church where Ervin’s parents were “saved and baptized” — all named the English equivalent, John.

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