Baby girl born with full head of hair so thick she gets compared to David Bowie

An adorable toddler who was born with an impressive mane of hair is constantly mistaken for a schoolgirl, her parents have said.

Evie Timmers-Davies' thick hair has not stopped growing since the moment she was born – and at four months, her mum was already able to tie her daughter's hair up.

As the months passed and her hair began to stick up, family members started to compare little Evie, who is now 14 months old, to the iconic David Bowie.

Her parents Laura, 36, and Jamie, 38, said they have "no idea" where Evie's luscious locks have come from.

They added strangers often stop them in the street and they are surprised when her parents tell them Evie's age.

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The stay-at-home mum from Enfield, London said: "We were all like 'wow, that's a lot of hair!' when she was born and didn't expect it to keep growing.

"But it got thicker and longer as the days went on, it's super impressive.

"We are always getting stopped in the street by strangers who compliment her hair and they never believe us when we tell them her age.

"They always say it is beautiful and I couldn't agree more.

"I was able to tie her hair up at four months.

"Family members used to compare her to David Bowie as she used to have a boofont hairdo which was pretty funny.

"We have no idea where her hair growth has come from as neither Jamie nor me have thick hair.

"I had crazy indigestion throughout my pregnancy so that maybe the old wives' tale is true!"

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