Beautiful Samoyed Puppy Gets Muddy All Over Except for One Spot: 'All We Could Do Was Laugh'

A little mud never hurt anybody!

When 5-month-old Samoyed puppy Onni returned from a doggie playdate, his owners had quite the clean-up task ahead of them. The dog‘s strikingly white fur was covered in mud from head to paw — well, except for his adorable face, which maintained its color despite the dirt everywhere else.

Lotta Alajoki and Miiro Lehto of Helsinki, Finland, found humor in their pet’s messy situation.

“At first, we were worried about how we were going to get him clean, but when we kept looking at him all we could do was laugh,” Alajoki, 25, told the Daily Mail. “He just looked so funny that we had to take a picture.”

After sharing the photos online, the two said people thought the images were edited or touched up to achieve the intact white fur on Onni’s face. Alajoki explained the cute phenomenon.

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“So many people think the mud is wiped off or it’s Photoshopped, but it’s not — he looks like that after every muddy walk or playdate,” she said. “His face was still white because the hair on his face is shorter, so the mud doesn’t stick to it.”

The dog owner also explained that cleaning the dog isn’t as much of a hassle as it might seem. Alajoki said once the mud dries, she’s able to simply brush the dirt out of the fluffy fur.

And potentially dirty adventures aren’t something the dog avoids. On an Instagram account for the pup, Onni enjoys many excursions, sometimes resulting in a little filth on his coat.

“This is my #funatdogpark face. Had a blast with my favorite Lapphund chick Ilmi and after that good run with neighbor doggo at yard😅,” reads a caption of the happy dog with a muddy mane framing his smiling face.

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