Brit brands Ferrero Rocher aspirational chocolate for working class

A fierce debate has been sparked after it was claimed Ferrero Rocher chocolates are 'aspirational' for working class people.

A woman took to Mumsnet to claim that her mother-in-law made the remark over Ferrero Rocher towers.

And it sparked an argument over which chocolates are working, middle and upper class on the forum.

The woman admitted that she found the idea that particular chocolate could be viewed as working class 'baffling', as she wrote: "Therefore – lightheartedly – tell me which chocolates you view as typically middle class? We discussed it as a family and we couldn't come up with a single one!"

Brands that were named as 'middle class' by Mumsnet users included Hotel Chocolat, Green & Black's and Lindt, while brands such as Cadbury's, After Eights and Thorntons were dubbed 'working class'.

Meanwhile, expensive brands such as Charbonnel Et Walker and Prestat were deemed to be for the upper class.

When it came to Ferrero Rocher, Mumsmet users disagreed with the mother-in-law's view as they said they were for the lower class.

One Mumsnet viewer wrote:"WC [working class] – Roses, Quality Street, Thornton’s, Black Magic, Heroes, Celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, After Eights. Guylian."

While another added: "Deffo Green & Black [is middle class]. I'd say they were one of the first middle class chocolates that seem to have paved the way for all the current ones?"

A third chimed in: "I got some Guylian seahorse things for Christmas – I know at one point I considered them pretty classy, but they're in all the cheapy shops now (so I've heard…) I tried them and they were way too sweet, and I've got a pretty sweet tooth."

While a fourth added: "I'm WC [working class] with WC tastes, love Galaxy Caramel, Fry's Turkish Delight or a Cadbury's Creme Egg. I like Green & Blacks, Thorntons and Lindt, so they may well fit in the WC bracket too."

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