Brits would prefer to talk politics than money, according to study

Talking about money isn’t normalised in our society.

Deemed taboo, discussing it requires mustering up some courage.

As it’s spoken about so seldom, it can be hard to know who around you is also willing to be open.

A survey by Mastercard found that 30% of Brits are completely uncomfortable when the topic is brought up.

Topics people would rather chat about include politics, relationships, health and career, showing people would prefer to get personal than financial.

Politics being a preferred talking point in particular highlights our discomfort in discussing money, given that it’s also seemed ‘risky’ and unsafe for pleasant conversation.

Results show that Gen Z are more likely to be comfortable discussing money than older generations, suggesting a shift in attitude is perhaps happening.

Over a third of those aged 45 and up won’t talk money, while only 24% of those aged 16 to 24 feel the same.

A generation known for being more open on other ‘taboo’ issues such as mental health, it seems money is getting the Gen Z treatment too.

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