Celtic fans beg me to humiliate them and send sectarian abuse in raunchy OnlyFans videos because I'm a Rangers supporter

A RANGERS-MAD model has revealed she gets approached by Celtic fans begging her to humiliate them to satisfy their 'odd fetish'.

Melanie Collett, 20, is an Ibrox regular and has never been quiet in sharing her love for the Scottish Premiership champions.

The Edinburgh-based beauty can now make up to £1,500 per day with her OnlyFans page.

Having given up her £6-an-hour job at McDonald's the model is now raking in the cash with personalised videos 'abusing' rival fans at their own request.

Melanie – whose boyfriend convinced her to set up her OnlyFans page – credits football for catapulting her to fame north of the border.

Stunner Melanie told The Sun: “Football has definitely helped [my OnlyFans following].

"It doesn’t only attract Rangers fans, but also Celtic fans because I feel like they think it’s a bit risky and wrong in a way and that’s why they like it.

“The Celtic fans are funny as they like me to send them abuse if they are losing and be horrible to them.

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“Some ask me to do custom videos humiliating them and they tell me they have sexual fantasies about getting caught having sex with a Rangers fan.

“It really turns them on and I even had one guy ask me to send him videos of me saying sectarian abuse which is where I had to draw the line.”

Melanie revealed even her old TEACHER subscribed to her OnlyFans.

She recalled: “I have a few funny stories like my old teacher buying it.

"I just know it was him as he used a Twitter account with his picture and had messaged me quite a bit before I realised.

"Also people I used to work with and a few of my ex-boyfriends but at the same time I do find it a bit creepy.

“I’ve had men send me pictures of their micropenises and ask me to say horrible things about it, and some people want pictures of collarbones which I think is a bit of a weird one.

“Some people can be very weird though and get kind of obsessive and that’s when I have to block them as it gets scary.

"If you don’t reply to them in a few minutes they can message 30 times in a row and some can get angry.”

Melanie is working on a number of business models, including a clothing line and her own brand of self-tanning.

And she credits her mum for giving her the best start in life, while revealing her family all back her decision to share raunchy content on Only Fans.

Melanie continued: "I grew up on a council estate with a single mum and she had four kids she always did her best for us.

“It is obviously hard and as I grew up the more I noticed the struggle she was going through and that’s why I’m so money motivated now.

“The end goal is to make so much that I can buy her a new house and car and make sure she never has to work a day in her life again.

“She has always done her best to provide for me and I would love to return the favour. 

“I was also a bit of a troubled child, I got expelled from high school at the age of 15 which I think has also played a key factor in why I do OnlyFans now and why I want to make as much money as I possibly can.

“I feel like if I didn’t get expelled I would not be the same person I am today business wise and I’m very glad that it did happen in the long run or I’d have ended up working for someone else and not making the kind of money I am.”

She adds: “My family have been incredibly supportive which I really didn’t expect.

“I think the one that shocked me the most was my Nana.

“I think that’s why I don’t let what online trolls say affect how I think and feel because I know that my family are happy and proud.

“A lot of people talk about self respect and things with OnlyFans but I’ve noticed the girls who do it actually have more respect for themselves than most as it’s about loving and embracing yourself.”

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