Chef creates two-metre long sandwich to ensure social distancing while eating

We all miss eating out at our favourite restaurants but once lockdown officially ends, our usual establishments won’t look the same.

We’ll likely have to queue outside, sit apart, and have barriers between us to curb the spread of coronavirus.

One savvy chef has come up with a meal that ensures people maintain social distancing rules: a two-metre long sandwich.

Ethan Rodgers is the creator of a socially-distanced monster bacon and sausage baguette, which is being sold for £20 when customers are able to dine in again.

While it was Ethan’s brainchild, the sandwich happened through a team effort.

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A butchers, bakery, deli, and restaurant in Cirencester, Gloustershire, all teamed up to make the mammoth food.

Cam Butchers, Halls Bakery, Corn Hall Deli and MBB Brasserie came together after Ethan dreamt up the massive meal – coming up with The Back to Work Baguette.

The sarnie is meant for two people – ideal for those who want to share lunch while still following coronavirus guidelines.

Ethan said: ‘This is a fun example of what we are doing here.

‘We have been asked a lot since measures started to ease about sandwiches and take away and we were able to do take away coffees.’

Ethan acknowledges that restaurants may take some time to open after lockdown so he and the team have had to get creative in the meantime.

‘The hospitality industry will be the last to reopen, with talk of July, so we have had to diversify.

‘We are doing a grocery delivery service for the remote villages, my team is making ready meals and pastries that are available from the restaurant and deli every day.’

Good luck to anyone who gets their hands on this badboy.

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