Christine McGuinness breaks down in tears as she talks ‘b****y hard’ morning

Christine McGuinness broke down in tears during an emotional Instagram video, confessing she had had a "b****y hard" morning.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, who shares three autistic children with husband Paddy McGuinness, opened up about the struggles she faces raising kids with the developmental disorder.

Captured in her car, the reality TV star covered her face with a pair of oversized sunglasses before taking them off as she sobbed uncontrollably.

She said: "Hello I don't want to bring anyone's mood down, but I just want to show the reality of being a mum of autistic children.

"Sometimes it's not fun, today was just a really bad morning, I know it will be fine later but this is what you don't see.

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"I am fine and I'm upset for my children, this was just a bad morning, and I'll have a good day, it's just sometimes it's not always fun.

She explained that while her children are "doing brilliant" it's not always "fine and lovely".

Christine continued: "I don't want to bring anyone down I just think it's important to show it's not always fine and lovely and they're all doing great and they are, they're all doing brilliant, but it's hard, but it's b****y hard."

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Wiping away her tears, she informed her followers she was going to pop and get her hair styled and "transform" herself ahead of her night on the town.

Finding it hard to open up about the difficulties, she thanked her online fans for their support.

She concluded: "I know I'm going to send me lots of love in my DM's and this is why I do this, because I've got no one else to talk to.

"Thanks for listening, but I am fine, I am ok, I'm really sorry if I've brought anyone down."

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