#clapforourcarers: how you can thank NHS workers on Thursday

Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s #clapforourcarers, which is taking place to thank our NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The kindest and most helpful thing we can do for our NHS workers right now is stay at home. As prime minister Boris Johnson reiterated in his announcement on Monday (23 March), we should not be leaving our homes unless absolutely necessary. Social distancing is key to delaying the spread of the coronavirus, which in turn takes pressures off the NHS and saves lives. 

This week, 4,500 retired doctors and nurses signed up to rejoin the NHS in just 48 hours. We’ve all seen the video updates from frontline NHS staff showing the realities of coronavirus. And a shortage of hospital ventilators means that doctors face some truly horrible decisions ahead. 

For most of us, this all sounds like an unimaginable way of working. But it’s exactly what NHS workers need to deal with everyday for the foreseeable future. That’s why they need our love and support more than ever. 

So, on Thursday 26 March, the UK is going to make sure every NHS worker knows just how valued they are – and you don’t need to leave your home to join in. 

People will be clapping in unison at 8pm from their front doors, balconies and gardens.

These are the full details being shared online:

“During these unprecedented times they [NHS workers] need to know that we are grateful. Please join us on: 26 March at 8pm for a big applause (from front doors, garden, balcony, windows, living rooms, etc.) to show all who are working at the frontline, our appreciation for their ongoing hard work and fight against the virus.”

You can share the above screenshot and message on your own social media channels to make sure that as many people as possible join in to show support.

It’s something that people in Italy and Spain have been doing for their health workers since both countries went on lockdown earlier this month. 

Of course, the same appreciation also needs to be shown to other key workers out there, like the supermarket workers who are making sure we have food, and the teachers who are doing everything they can to make sure their pupils are fully supported.

It’s easy to feel pretty helpless right now, but saying thank you to those on the front line might just be the most powerful thing many of us can do in this crisis. 

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