Coca-Cola Customizable Labels Approve Phrases Like “I Am a Nazi,” but Censors Words Such As "Transgender" and "Lesbians"

Coca-Cola‘s latest personalization feature for its bottles is under fire from the public.

Its online customization tool appears to block phrases like “Black Lives Matter,” “Transgender,” “Gay Pride” and “Lesbians.” Phrases that were seemingly allowed include “Blue Lives Matter,” “Transphobia,” “I am a Nazi,” “jihadists,” “QAnon,” “White Pride,” “fascism,” and “Trump Won.”

In the past, Coca-Cola has launched multiple “Share a Coke” promotional campaigns to encourage thirst-quenchers to drink Coke as their beverage of choice for the summer months. This year, as a part of a new campaign, the company has opened up its personalization tool to phrases. However, the public was quick to notice the controversy that allowed racist and bigoted terms to be placed on the bottles.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola told CNN Business, “We’re continuously refining and improving our Share A Coke personalization tool to ensure it is used only for its intended purpose. Words or phrases that have appeared in the preview mode of the tool may not necessarily be approved, but rather are words we have not previously assessed. Actual bottles are not made with words that are inconsistent with the program’s intent. We have clarified in the tool’s preview mode that proposed language may require further review.”

The company’s failed make-your-own label campaign, which approves “White Lives Matter” and not “Black Lives Matter,” has opened up a bevvy of conversations surrounding the brand’s social values.

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