Coronavirus symptoms: Woman who leads healthy lifestyle details her ‘coughing attack’

Coronavirus sets off people’s immune systems in different ways. Some Britons experience no symptoms at all, others have a handful of side effects and, sadly, others lose their lives. One survivor details her personal experience with the virus.

Originally from Australia, Nadia Ackerman encountered a quick transition from feeling perfectly fine to displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

The 45-year-old businesswoman believed her healthy lifestyle would have protected her from coronavirus.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I’m vegan,” she told Women’s Health.


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“I exercise five days a week… I’ve even hiked the Himalayan mountains.”

But on March 12, Nadia began showing symptoms that she had caught the deadly bug.

“I had a really weird coughing attack,” she recalled. “It was strange.”

Describing the cough as “hard and aggressive”, she said it “lasted about 10 minutes”.

Hours later, that very same day, she was “hit with a fever, scratchy throat and sore chest”.

Retiring to her sofa, Nadia didn’t have the energy to make it up to bed that night.

The next day she felt worse. “Then came the extreme exhaustion,” Nadia said.

And “the headaches – they were relentless”.

Nadia continued: “I also began experiencing nausea and loss of appetite.”

Staying in bed for four days, she “became sicker and sicker”.

“I had no appetite,” revealed Nadia. “Then I lost my sense of smell and taste.”

“You could have served me rotten eggs, and I wouldn’t have known the difference.”


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“Then came the diarrhoea,” she admitted. “At this point, I actually felt like I was going to die.

“It felt like there was nothing left of me. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t drink. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t shower. I couldn’t even lift my head off of the pillow.”

Calling for an ambulance, Nadia was rushed off to hospital.

It was there she was given a test for COVID-19 and a chest X-ray to check her lungs.

On March 27, a nurse told Nadia she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Discharged from hospital, she was told to contact the emergency services if she had difficulty breathing.

For the time being, Nadia was advised to self-isolate at home for more than two weeks.

“Even though I’d known deep down that I had the virus, it felt good to finally have an answer—even if there was no treatment.”

Nadia finally returned to full health from April 2nd.

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