Coronavirus: Tel Aviv stadium installs tunnel to spray disinfectant

The Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv has installed a special tunnel to spray players with disinfectant in the battle against coronavirus.

The tunnel at the venue, home to Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Tel Aviv and Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv, senses people entering, which starts a water pump.

Nozzles then automatically open for 15 seconds, dispensing a sanitising mist.

The Israel Premier League resumed late last month with all matches behind closed doors.

Since the pilot began on Saturday, three matches have been played at Bloomfield.

Players, staff and media are not obliged to walk through the glass tunnel, but a spokesman for the company behind the tunnel estimated 100-200 people have done so before each match.

“Most people want to go through it. They feel much more secure,” RD Pack business development vice-president Eran Druker said.

“We are not a cure for the coronavirus, we are fighting against its spread.”

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