Costco Is Making Big Changes to Give Healthcare Workers Priority Access to Products

Shopping has become a stressful and even dangerous errand due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping its way across the nation. Stores are quickly selling out of essential items like toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes and food. Customers have taken to online shopping to try to protect themselves and their families, but even that has come to a near halt due to the overwhelming number of people placing orders. Some of the people most affected by the food and product shortages are the heroes fighting on the frontlines of this epidemic: healthcare workers and first responders. Due to the long shifts they are now required to work, store shelves are often completely empty by the time they get a few free minutes to stop by a store to pick up some much-needed items but Costco is implementing a new strategy to prioritize access to goods for healthcare workers and first responders.

On April 8th, Costco announced that healthcare workers and first responders will be given first access to stores when they open each day. To receive early access, healthcare workers and first responders simply need to show their Costco membership and ID to a Costco employee and they will be allowed to jump to the front of the line to enter the warehouse. This way, they will be able to grab items they need before the general public goes into the store and empties the shelves.

This is just one of several changes Costco has been making recently. Last week they changed their operating hours and implemented a new rule that no longer allows more than two people to enter the store per membership.

We certainly hope this new policy helps our healthcare heroes and first responders breathe a little easier knowing they have access to supplies for their families. Hopefully we’ll see more stores implement similar policies to help support the brave people fighting for all of our health and safety.

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