Costco Is Now Selling Pre-Made Jell-O Shots to Make Party Prep a Breeze

Jell-o shots always get the party started, but not everyone has the time — or the patience — to wait around for homemade Jell-O shots to set. Luckily, pre-made boozy gelatin shots have started rolling out at Costco stores across the country.

Shottys party packs, which were first spotted in stores by the popular Instagram account @CostcoBuys, contain 24 prepared gelatin shots with 12.5% ABV each. The squeezable cups come in four flavors: strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape.

What’s even better is that the party pack doubles as a cooler bag — just add ice to the bag and the shots will stay solid even at the beach.

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A representative for Shotty’s confirmed to PEOPLE that each 24-pack sells for about $20 at select Costco locations. That means each shot is less than one dollar — talk about a deal.

The flavored shots are currently only available at about 20 Costcos in the San Diego, California area and in Arizona, according to the company. They are expanding to Costcos in Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada in March and plan to have national availability in time for summer.

Costco isn’t the only supermarket that carries Shotty’s, though. Walmarts across Florida are currently stocked, with nationwide rollouts expected by summer 2020. This summer is about to be lit.

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