Daddy Hadid Is Building A Controversial $250M Mega Mansion

Mohamed Hadid, the father of supermodels Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, is currently building a mega-mansion valued at a splendid $250 million.

According to Daily Mail, the real estate developed has begun construction on a new property in Beverly Hills, which overlooks Coldwater Canyon. Though the project is still a work in progress, he’s already started looking for a buyer. Mohamed is hoping to snag $250 million once the home is completed. Alternatively, interested buyers can also take over the partially completed project as is for $92 million.

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The property sits at 9650 Cedarbrook Drive. Despite the 80,000 square feet mansion not being completed, it’s being reported as the largest home to receive permission to build in Los Angeles County. If Mohammed gets his asking price, it may be one of the most expensive homes sold in the area.

However, not everyone is happy about the project. The construction has forced the closure of several hiking trails in the area, upsetting locals. Daily Mail notes a sign on one of the trails explains a lawsuit was launched against the developer to keep them open, though it ultimately failed.

“Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy & MRCA sued to keep this trail open but lost at the Court of Appeal,” the signs reads.

In fact, Coldwater Canyon locals have formed a group known as Hillsides Against Hadid, which is focused on protecting natural landscapes and wildlife from Mohammed’s infamous construction projects. The website for Hillsides Against Hadid was mentioned on the trail sign.

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Mohamed has run into trouble with the group in the past, particularly in regard to another Bel Air mansion he attempted to build on Strada Vecchia road. Celebrity Networth explains that he originally purchased the Bel Air property for $1.9 million in 2011, but things started falling through when he deviated from his original building plans.

When he first filed paperwork, Mohamed said he intended to build a mansion that was 15,000 square feet and 30 feet tall. But he went on to build a 30,000 square feet home that was 80 feet tall. In addition, he installed an underground level featuring an IMAX theatre with room to seat 70 people along with multiple bedrooms.

Mohamed’s plans angered locals who felt deceived by the project, as they weren’t prepared for such a large-scale build. He also allegedly failed to get the right permits or approvals for the changes, including the underground level. In 2017, a lawsuit was eventually filed against him demanding the mansion be torn down, and in 2019, city officials ordered the entire structure to be demolished.

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In addition, Mohamed was ordered to foot the bill for the demolition, which was valued at $5 million, though he only had to pay $500,000. In a declaration made to the court, Mohamed later argued he didn’t have the funds to finance the demolition, especially given how much he’d already lost.

There’s no word on whether Mohamed has any interested buyers for his newest construction project. But hopefully, it would go smoother than the ill-fated mansion at Strada Vecchia.

Sources: Daily Mail, Celebrity Networth

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