Demi Lovato's New Single, "I Love Me," Is the Self-Love Anthem We Need, But Don't Deserve

Trigger Warning: This post contains mentions of eating disorders.

Demi Lovato is back and better than ever, but let’s be real—you obviously knew that. After returning to music following a much needed hiatus, Demi stunned her fans with her beautiful performance of “Anyone” at the Grammy Awards, and then hit up the Super Bowl the same month to perform the National Anthem. The beginning of the year is off to an excellent start for Demi, and look at that! It’s only March. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To continue her momentum, Demi just released the newest single from her untitled, upcoming album: It’s called “I Love Me,” and as you may have predicted from its title, it’s self-love anthem that sees Demi (a) overcoming her past struggles with self-esteem issues and (b) growing to have an unconditional appreciation for simply being herself.

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