Diabetic told to ‘tone up’ by modelling agency is now successful Instagram star

A model was told to “tone up” by an agency despite suffering from type-1 diabetes.

Summer Lynn Hart, 23, boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram where she posts sizzling photos of her toned body to fans.

Not known to many, the model suffers from the lifelong condition and because of that, her journey into the industry hasn’t always been easy.

The beauty, from North Carolina, US, was always an active child but one day her parents realised something was wrong when she started to look “thin”.

At the age of 12, Summer was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes where she had to inject six insulin shots a day.

When she wanted to pursue modelling, the online star visited an agency in New York where a casting agent ordered her to “tone up”.

Now Summer often does cupping treatments to keep her skin smooth especially when modelling bikinis or lingerie.

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She said: “When I was at a well-known modelling agency casting in New York, the agent took my arm and said ‘what’s this?’ as he shook the small amount of fat on the back of my arm.

“I stated that the area he grabbed was one of my injection sites I used when giving myself insulin shots. His response was ‘tone it up’.

“My insulin shots can leave scar tissue pockets in the areas that I inject. I mainly inject on the back of my arm and the lower sides of my stomach.

“Which isn’t the most flattering when modelling. So, I make sure to do cupping on those areas to help break it up.”

Summer maintains a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and makes sure to eat nutritious foods everyday.

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She explained: “Fitness is my escape. It’s something that I could never give up. My fitness journey started my senior year of high school.

“I worked in high school, so I had the luxury of being able to afford a personal trainer. Some days I would train at 4am before school started. I’m glad I started that way because I learned so much.

“Currently I do Pilates every day and then some days I do two-a-days meaning I do Pilates in the morning and train at the gym in the evening. Again, with fitness bring my ‘escape’ it really doesn’t feel like a burden.”

Despite the struggles, Summer keeps a positive mindset and lives a life of gratitude, where she makes sure she isn’t too hard on herself.

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She said: “I grew up with my dad being sick all the time from a rare liver disease that he had no control over. I saw him always struggle with that.

“So, I remember when I first got diagnosed, one of my close friends at the time came to my hospital room to visit me and asked 'aren’t you wondering, why me?’.

“I remember reasoning with ‘it could be so much worse’. I remember my dad sitting me down and telling me how lucky I was to have a disease that I could control.

"Because with the disease he had, he didn’t have that option. Life is all about your mindset. If you’re living in the ‘why me’, ‘this sucks’ mindset you’re going to attract more things to make you feel that way.

“My advice would be to always be confident. Be positive. Don’t be so hard on yourself, sometimes you can’t control what your body is going to do.”

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