DIY wiz revealed how she added £90,000 to her home's value

DIY-savvy mother reveals how she renovated her outdated 1980s house in three months with a budget of just £1,550 – and added £90,000 to the value

  • Becky Lane, 34, from Surrey, revealed how she renovated her house with a budget of only £1,550 
  • The mother-of-two and her partner Adam, 33, added £90,000 to value or property they bought in February
  • Used paint and selected items and DIY tutorials to update their ‘dated’ £610,000 home, now worth £700,000

A family-of-four have renovated their old, outdated property into a trendy and modern home in three months – and the transformation cost them just £1,550.

Becky Lane, 34, and her partner Adam, 33, live in Surrey with their two children Amelia, five, and nine-month-old Freddie in a home they purchased in February for £610,000. 

After moving into the property in March, the couple started great renovation works that lasted three months, while juggling work and their newborn son.  

Becky and Adam claim that their clever DIY tweaks upped their new home’s value by £90,000, putting its price at £700,000.  

Becky Lane, 34, and her partner Adam, 33, live in Surrey with their two children Amelia, five, and nine-month-old Freddie in a home they purchased in February for £610,000. Pictured: The couple’s living-room before had carpeted floors and cream walls (left). The couple replaced the carpet with wooden floors and white and grey furniture, right, to give the place a more modern look 

The couple wanted to move out of London to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, but were not happy with the outdated look of their new home, and set out to rectify it.  

They got straight to work in the first week of moving in – and just three months later, the DIY project was completed.

‘We lived and worked in London previously but because of lockdown, it made us reassess our life,’ Becky, who works in event management, said. 

‘Following the dramatic birth with my son nine months ago, it made us realise family is everything and a more relaxed country lifestyle is more what we want from life.

 The bathroom looked tired and old fashioned with yellowing fixtures, tiles with a floral border and an outdated patterned shower screen

Pictured: the same bathroom after the renovation, which only cost £300 to redo. The couple put stylish wooden floors in place, re-enameled the bathtub and changed the toilet for a more modern look

The bathroom after the couple got started on the renovations and tore the old floor up, pictured. They retiled the walls and repainted the wooden ceilling white

‘Also, we lived in a very urban area with growing knife crime.

‘Now we have moved to the countryside where we have more horses ride past daily than cars and so much wildlife.’

Becky and Adam also wanted to have a clean and modern space to finally call home, where they can invite friends and family over during the holidays.

She said: ‘As we didn’t want to live in a dated space, we decided to completely repaint the house white to make it more liveable for us and comfortable while we save up.

The couple wanted their daughter Amelia’s room to be sweet and pretty, but before the renovation, it was covered in red carpet and a dated floral wallpaper which was not to their taste

Amelia and Alan spent £200 on Amelia’s room. They installed white wooden floors, and went for a blush pink floral theme. They cut the room in half to optimise the space 

The other side of Amelia’s room was turned into a desk for Becky, with a stylish wooden desk, well-organised wooden shelves, and a shelf unit to part the two sections of the room, left 

‘We want to be able to stage birthdays and Christmases with the house looking good instead of putting up with what we moved into for a year or two.

‘On our last renovation, we lived with old carpets and wallpaper and hated inviting people over until it was finished as it felt like a squat!

‘When we had guests over, we felt we were always apologising for the state of some of the rooms and would say we are mid-renovating.’

Starting with the nursery, Becky painted the walls white and stuck on wall decal stickers that she purchased off eBay.

Becky’s costs breakdown 

Nursery – £50

Kitchen – £100

Bathroom – £300

Amelia’s room – £200

Ensuite room, front room and hallway – £500

New appliances, tape, paint brushes, miscellaneous – £400

Total: £1,550 

She also added new accessories to the space, costing the couple just £50.

For the kitchen, Becky and Adam painted all the units white and changed the doorknobs to gold, costing them just £100.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, they painted all the peach tiles with white tile paint before purchasing a new sink and toilet from Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, they re-enamelled the bath for just £40, before cutting lino from a local carpet store for the floor – at £300 in total.

They decided to split Amelia’s room in half to provide space for Adam’s office, as he began working from home during the pandemic.

The couple removed the old red carpet and painted the floor using chalk white paint for £33, before stripping the floral wallpaper and painting the walls white.

Amelia’s side of the room was given a lovely shade of pink.

Becky also purchased flower decals from eBay to stick on her daughter’s bed and the surrounding wall.

For Adam’s side of the room, she installed floating shelves and frames from IKEA.

The mum also purchased an old wooden desk from Facebook Marketplace, sanded it and painted it with clear varnish.

The room cost £200 in total to transform.

For the ensuite, front room and hallway, Becky painted all the walls white and purchased a new dining table for £50, this too from Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, she added some second-hand décor to the three rooms, at £500 in total including paintings.

For the utility room, Becky removed all the units and sold them on social media to get some extra cash towards the DIY project, before revamping the space with a fresh coat of paint and new furnishings, at just £40.

Before the renovations, the nursery had a bold red wall while the others were painted in Magnolia and the floor was covered in cream carpet, pictured

The couple kept the carpet in the nursery, pictured now, but repainted the wall in a more neutral white colour, and picked modern furniture for Freddie’s room 

The entire home renovation took the couple three months to complete and only cost them £1,550.

Their property is now worth approximately £700,000 on the market, around £90,000 more than they purchased it for after the renovation.

Becky and Adam plan to revamp their bedroom as a final project.

The couple were working from home full-time while DIYing and had to juggle caring for their children, so they would leave home renovation work for the weekends or evenings.

Becky said: “’he easiest way to find time to decorate is in the evenings after work when the kids are in bed but this is also the time when you are at your most tired!

Pictured: Becky and Alan’s corridor. They installed stylish new floorboards and repainted everything in white to update the property 

‘It’s a sacrifice you need to make short term so you can enjoy the house long-term.’

In a few words of advice for families who wish to renovate their home on a budget, Becky said: ‘We are not trained professionals; we are self-taught, of course, nothing beats a £20,000 kitchen fitted by professionals.

‘But our journey is about using what you have already got and giving it a new lease of life.

‘it’s so easy to get rid of things nowadays.

The couple spent £500 on renovating their en-suite, pictured, front room and hallway. In the bathroom, they repainted the pink wall and covered the old floorboards, left, and installed new tiles and new wooden floors, right 

‘Not everyone has a huge amount of disposable income or are saving up like us but they want to have the homes you see on Instagram.

‘Even on the smallest of budgets, you can achieve a beautiful room and home.

‘We love using white paint as it really does give rooms a fresh look then we use the decor pieces for pops of colour and to add the drama to the space.

Pictured: Becky and Alan’s kitchen before the renovations. All the cupboards were brown and the room was covered in wood panels (left). The space now looks much fresher thanks to white paint and gold accents (right). Becky also added hanging plants for a modern touch 

Becky went viral with her kitchen transformation, which only cost her £100. All she had to do was paint everything white, her colour of choice 

The couple also used white paint to update their new house’s courtyard, which before the renovation had dark stones, pictured

The couple splashed on a swing chair, floor cushions, lanterns and candles, as well as a planter they painted white as well to personalised their outdoor area, pictured

‘My biggest tip is to make a mood board before you lift a finger on decorating or stripping away previous decor, which you can keep going back to and it helps you stay in budget.

‘Sometimes you realise you already own a piece of furniture or decor that can easily be upcycled with a tin of spray paint!

‘Never start ripping things down or throwing things away before you have your mood board sorted.’

Becky and Adam are no strangers to a DIY makeover; the couple sold their previous four-bedroom detached house in Bromley, south east London, for £680,000 after doing it up, making a handsome £160,000 profit on what they paid in May 2015 

Becky has shared the family’s story on Instagram.  

Mother-of-two Becky and husband Adam recently moved from south east London to a £610,000 bungalow in Surrey, which they spent three months renovating 

Becky showed off her new chic, modern living space on her DIY Instagram page @21oakham , with many of her 18,400 followers rushing to praise their handiwork

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