Don’t go for the middle aisle, shop late at night and pick meat from the BACK of the shelf: Thrifty shoppers and supermarket staff give tips to help YOU save cash

THRIFTY shoppers have taken to the web to share their top money saving tips.

From ignoring sale items, to shopping late at night and never hitting the supermarket on a Monday, this is their advice.

The insider tips, many of which are from supermarket employees, have all been shared on a Reddit thread asking 'What are your best grocery shopping tips/hacks?'

Don't be fooled

Infinite Boredom advised: "After 10 years in the grocery business, just because it's on sale doesn't mean that it's the cheapest option."

Amity Chicky agreed, adding: "I change the price tags at my grocery store once a week and a lot of the time, the sale price on an item this week will be higher than the sale price last week.

"Just because it's marked on sale doesn't mean it's a steal or anything."

While Tapatio Flybird wrote: "The best shoppers know the average price for an item and buy accordingly."

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Stock up to save

Gogo Jack said: "For things like toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, etc I always have a backup.

"When the current – say tube of toothpaste – runs out, I open the backup, then make a note on my shopping list to buy a new one."

A Frozen Fyre added: "Bonus if you do this you can wait until your essentials are actually on sale."

Be a night owl

Jarvis Von Doom, who worked at a supermarket through senior school, wrote: "For freshest produce: either get there early or towards the end of the night.

"That is usually when the trucks will come through and have seen this at two popular chains.

"Shop late night if you want bigger discounts. Usually stuff that bakery puts out will go on mega sale."

On the topic of when to shop, Suivoh added: "Don't go on Monday. Nothing has been restocked from the weekend. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the freshest."

Basics is best

Jarvis Von Doom also recommended sticking to each supermarket's own brand, for example Sainsbury's Basics, Waitrose Essential or Tesco Value.

He wrote: "90 per cent of store brand products are name brand products or taste better.

"Example: Our store-brand Oreos were actual Oreos. The only things I suggest you don't get store-brand are cream cheese. That s***'s nasty."

And Rested Green added: "I seriously agree with you point on store brands. A surprising amount of store brand items have the exact same box or bottle shape.

"The only difference is the label. One major thing this applies to is vegetable oils and other similar bottled stuff. It's really crazy, and it's an easy way to save some money."

Something to chew on

Jarvis Von Doom also advised: "When picking out meat, always pick from the back of the line (i.e. the last steak closest to the employee)."

While Rested Green said: "Meat that is starting to darken or brown isn't necessarily bad.

"It's actually more tender, it's not less nutritious, and it's almost always marked down because most people won't buy it."

Big isn't always better

DJ Deli Girl advised: "Look at unit cost on the shelf label. Buying a bigger container isn't always less expensive."

Got the munchies?

Cat Loaf Baker warned: "Go to the grocery store with your list but don't go with an empty stomach or you'll end up buying way more than you need."

Don't get stuck in the middle

Many shoppers agreed that you should avoid the middle aisles of the supermarket altogether – because they are stocked full of unhealthy crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks and other unnecessary purchases.

In most shops, the fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products can all be found in the outside aisles.

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