Eurovision winner Loreens incredible outfit – how it was designed and made in just 4 days

After her incredible performance during Saturday’s Eurovision Grand Final, Swedish singer Loreen swept the score board, taking home the highly-coveted trophy.

She snatched the top spot with her song Tattoo, making her the first woman to have won the competition twice.

But viewers on the night were as much fans of her stage costume, as they were her music.

During her performance, Loreen wore an intricate taupe two piece outfit, made up of a cut out long sleeve top and trousers. It might not sound very exciting, but the details are what made it a truly amazing design for her performance.

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As she writhed around on stage, fans got a better look at her outfit, which featured several cut out mesh panels, chunky braiding, zip details, and faux leather.

The look was somehow both futuristic enough that it wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film, and still so current you could fully expect to find dupes of it online by the end of the week.

Loreen took toTikTokto share the story behind it, and revealed it was designed and made in record time – with just four days to go until the final.

In the video, which she captioned: “When I say I go all in, I mean ALL IN! RIP my pants…literally”, Loreen joked: “Things always happen with me. It’s because I never make it easy for myself; why can’t I just stand there with a dress!”

The Swedish singer then went on to reveal her original outfit suffered a major mishap just days before filming, saying: “Well my pants… they ripped up in the crotch OK? It happened, and I heard it through the microphone,” admitting she was on her knees in the middle of rehearsals when the wardrobe malfunction took place.

After continuing her rehearsal, Loreen said, laughing: “The only thing you can do in a situation like that is just [be like] you know what, I’m going to give you guys everything I have… and a little bit more."

Loreen’s final look was the perfect sleek and streamlined performance outfit. She completed it with her signature thick dark curls flowing down her back, and ultra long dark nails that she made a focal point of her performance.

Fans were also curious about her nails, which the 39 year old performer revealed toTylaweren’t your typical acrylics – they were actually made from stone.

She also revealed to Lorraine, during her appearance on her morning TV show, that they were specially designed to be a key piece of her performance, saying: “The nails were mainly for the performance, it was to enhance my movements.”

Despite the minor mishap in rehearsal, Loreen's live staging went off without a hitch. Sweden will now host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest – perfectly timed, as 2024 marks 50 years since fellow Swedes, ABBA, won the competition.


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