Everything We Know About Melissa & Joe Gorgas New House

Melissa and Joe Gorga have been a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey since season 2. After 12 years of filming alongside Joe’s sister Teresa Giudice, the Bravo fandom has seen this family at their highest and their lowest. Some of these highs and lows included the big moves in their life, like when the Giudices sold their mansion in Towaco and when the Gorgas moved to be a little further away from Teresa when the friction became toxic. On the show, viewers saw a peak of Teresa’s multimillion-dollar new home, and now it’s time for the Gorgas. While some have questioned how The Real Housewives stars have made their money, the Gorgas have put on a united front when it comes to supporting their family and reputation.

After spending 12 years in the Montville home that was shown since the Gorgas started The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it was time for a new home in the same area to make memories in. The family rented a beautiful brick house while their dream home was being built, and after two years, it’s finally ready to be lived in.

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The Outsides Of The Gorga’s Dream Home

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According to Jersey Diggs, the couple bought the 5,000 square feet home in Bergen County for just under $1 million. With three kids, the couple wanted more space and spent the next two years renovating and adding to the home. NJ101.5 explained that the luxurious home sits on about an acre-and-a-half of land with a white brick exterior and black finishing touches. It’s modern, sleek, and more up-to-date than their old Montville mansion, which was rather dated. There’s a long driveway leading up to the house, which shows all of the windows for some natural light. As sleek as the front of the home is, the backyard is intended for hosting and relaxing; a hopeful spot for more filming of RHONJ.

On Instagram, Melissa showed a sneak peek of the backyard in progress back in August 2022. With leafy trees giving the home some privacy, the Gorgas will have a massive swimming pool and deck, which can be accessed to and from the kitchen. While the pool and backyard will for sure be where the Gorgas spend most of their time in the New Jersey summers, it’s the delicate interior that has caught fans’ eyes.

A Modern 1920s Vibe

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The self-made millionaires didn’t spare any expense when it came to designing their dream home. The foyer is where guests are greeted, which has a ton of natural light, a sparkling chandelier that drops from the ceiling, and beautiful gold and white finishes. In fact, the white, black, and gold theme is shown throughout the home in its details and furnishings. The house has six bedrooms, according to Life & Style, a poker room, multiple bars throughout the space, and an office with a glass wall so Melissa can see out into the rest of the house while in the middle of Zoom meetings.

On Instagram, Melissa has done a few house tours and has given credit to local companies who have made her dream a reality. These brands made it possible to have a glass-wall office, crystal lighting, and a walk-in closet that’s every shoe lover’s dream. The Gorgas are a success story on The Real Housewives with how much they’ve grown their businesses to be able to afford this renovation. Continuing on the inside, Melissa’s bedroom has a modern fireplace that’s built into the wall under her entertainment system. The cream-colored fabrics make each room look airy and bright. In the kitchen, there are state-of-the-art appliances, two ovens, two oversized islands, and a coffee machine that’s built into the kitchen model. It’s from there that the family can go onto their deck and walk down to their pool.

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With so much room for entertainment and stunning details throughout each room, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Gorgas shared the ins and outs of their home in Architecture Digest one day!

The Realty Drama Between The Gorgas & Giudices

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As exciting as the Gorgas’s new home is, they’ve owned other properties in the past and have a vacation home in Tom’s River, New Jersey. However, one of the most dramatic potential moves was when Melissa Gorga said during a 2012 RHONJ reunion that she and her family were moving further away from the Giudices because of the family drama. It wasn’t the most expensive house on The Real Housewives, but they did it to get rid of the noise. As seen on RHONJ, the Gorgas and the Giudices have longstanding issues with each other that have not been settled in over a decade. Because of how bad their relationship was with each other, the Gorgas didn’t want their kids going to the same school as their cousins. To protect them, the Gorgas planned on moving to another school district where they could thrive without the negativity or chaos that surrounded their cousins.

This was when the divide in the family was at its lowest. And while they have repaired some aspects of their relationship in current days, the Gorgas still live a solid 20 minutes from Teresa’s new Montville mansion, which was noted by Reality Titbit. With a new home to call their own and a new season of RHONJ in the future, fans are excited to see the family grow there.

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