EVGA Exits the GPU Business

Graphics cards manufacturer EVGA — one of the bigger names catered towards PC gamers — has just announced that it is exciting the GPU market. A well-known partner of Nvidia, EVGA has won numerous awards, and fans have come to love the performance and styling of its 30-series cards.

Coming at an unusual time with the announcement of the next-gen of CPUs, 40-series cards, and new interest brought on by falling secondary market prices, EVGA hints that its exit is largely due to its displeasure in working with Nvidia. As Nvidia does control the actual production of the main components of the cards, most third-party brands are pretty much at their mercy, and with Nvidia’s shift in pushing its Founders version of cards, there can be quite a few stipulations when becoming a partner.

EVGA’s Product Manager confirmed the news with “EVGA will not carry the next generation graphics cards”. GamersNexus also discovered that the decision was not really even tied to the monetary aspect of closing down its GPU division, but largely “about respect,” as revealed by EVGA CEO, Andrew Han. EVGA also confirmed that it will not be pursuing a relationship with AMD or Intel.

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