Ex-bunny shares Playboy Mansion struggles that left her terrified about weight

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A Playboy bunny icon has candidly shared the struggles she faced battling body dysmorphia while working at the iconic Playboy Mansion.

Holly Jean Madison, 41, famously exposed her relationship with Playboy magazine editor Hugh Hefner in her memoir Down the Rabbit Hole and is now raising awareness to fans about body dysmorphia.

She recently looked back at her old photos and saw one of her in a Bunny costume.

Sharing the picture to her 1 million fans on TikTok, Holly said: "It reminded me of a moment in my life where I was watching a playback of myself in a fashion show and I thought, 'Oh, my God, I need to lose weight.'"

The model realised that body dysmorphia got in the way of her living her best life, adding: "It stopped me from being as happy as I could be and really enjoying life as much as I could.

"I hope that people can take a minute to think about how they think about their own body and is it holding you back?

"It's worth feeling bad about yourself."

Holly was Hugh Hefner's longest partner after moving to the mansion in 2001 aged just 21 while he was 75.

Looking back at a picture of herself in the classic black Playboy bunny costume, Holly was "terrified" and she remembered that she was constantly worried if she had gained weight or if she had stuck to her diet.

"I would think 'oh my thighs are huge' and now look at this picture, that's ridiculous," she says. "I look like a stick."

Viewers praised Holly for openly talking about her mental health struggles and said she had given support to others who are in similar situations.

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One said: "This is how I realised I had body dysmorphia because I looked at pictures in high school remembering how I though I looked and saw how I looked."

Another wrote: "I cried looking at my high school pictures. I thought I was gross and realised I was actually really pretty."

"Being thin and being happy are two totally different things!" a third added. "Love that you are putting things like this out there to help people!"

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