Fauda Season 4 Trailer Teases Israel Defense Forces Most Dangerous Mission to Date (EXCLUSIVE)

Yes Studios has unveiled the new trailer for the highly anticipated fourth season of “Fauda,” which will launch July 13 on Yes TV in Israel and will be available on Netflix worldwide.

The plot of the new season involves Hezbollah activists from Lebanon and Palestinian militants in the West Bank, and new cast members include Inbar Lavi (“Lucifer”), Amir Boutrous (“The Crown”), Lucy Ayoub, Danny Steg (“Kvodo”) and Loai Nofi (“Hashoter Hatov”).

Following the events of the previous season, Doron (Lior Raz) feels guilty over the death of his teammate, and angry and frustrated after his dismissal from the unit. Captain Ayub (Itzik Cohen) tries to bring Doron out of his difficult situation and enlists him for a basic security mission in Brussels. In the European capital, Doron accompanies Ayub to a meeting with a young Lebanese source named Omar Tawalbe (Boutrous).

Omar, originally from Jenin, is the son of a senior CI for Ayub, who helped the Shin Bet kill a few Islamic Jihad leaders during the battle of Jenin in 2002. When his father was exposed as a traitor and informant, Ayub had to extract the family from Jenin and move them to Ramla. Although Ayub supported the family for years, Omar never found his place in Israel and in his 20s moved to Lebanon. On the other hand, his sister Maya (Ayoub), assimilated into Israeli society and became a respected officer in the Israeli Police.

The long-awaited meeting in Brussels doesn’t go as planned, and soon Doron finds himself in a head-on confrontation with a sophisticated and daring terrorist cell. The pursuit will take Doron and the team from Brussels to the depths of Lebanon, on the most complex and dangerous mission they have ever faced.

The critically acclaimed show was co-created by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff. It was produced by Liat Benasuly Amit and Yes TV. International distribution is handled by Yes Studios, which recently won a pair of prizes at Series Mania with “Bloody Murray” and “Fire Dance.”

Launched on Netflix in 2016, “Fauda” has become one of Israel’s biggest international dramas and longest-running action series.

Here is the exclusive trailer:

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