Five enormous Hollyoaks spoilers for next week – Edward plays a sick game and Charlie turns to the dark side

EDWARD enjoys toying with his family in a sick game and Charlie agrees to carry out a drug delivery for Jordan next week in Hollyoaks.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the channel 4 soap…

1. Jordan expands his operation

Jordan is left raging when he’s told that Sid will be away all week on a school trip.

Posing as Sid, he messages Charlie via his online gaming account and tries to draw him into the net.

It’s not long before Charlie is agreeing to carry out a delivery.

But will everything go to plan or could Charlie be heading for trouble?

2. Edward plays sick games

Having convinced everyone that his son Tony has a brain tumour, Edward enjoys receiving praise for caring for Tony.

When Tony tells Diane that he wants Edward to move back into the flat, she’s left feeling uneasy about the idea.

But Edward is thrilled by Tony’s decision and continues to scheme his son’s downfall.

3. Romeo advises Tom

Tom starts giving Romeo advice on impressing women, but Romeo turns on him when he reveals he hasn’t even taking things with his girlfriend Yazz to the next level yet.

Romeo then starts dishing out advice to Tom – when he realises he’s in more dire need of it than he is.

Later on, Tom thinks he and Yazz are going to take things to the next level.

But he quickly realises that she has other ideas.

4. Sami pines after Verity

Sami, Verity and James continue to put their business plans into action.

The triad set up in James’s flat, but Sami is quickly distracted by his attraction to Verity.

Will Verity feel the same?

5. Verity makes a decision

When Sami overhears Verity giving Yazz some girl advice, he’s impressed by her maturity and asks his colleague out on a date.

But Sami is shocked when she rejects him, insisting she doesn’t want to mix work with pleasure.

Will she change her mind?

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