Google Home update makes some crucial settings a little easy to use

Let’s be honest, digging into the settings of the Google Home was never fun. The menu was always pretty confused – with hugely important setting buried and hard to find. Thankfully, Google has made some tweaks to its all-important Google Home app, which is used to control its Smart Displays – like the Google Nest, voice-controlled speakers, routers, Wi-Fi connected light-bulbs, and many, many more.

The Google Home app, which is in direct competition with the likes of Apple’s Home app and Alexa app, has been upgraded with a new menu. The upgraded menu has been tweaked in a bid to better organise the vast array of options for all of your smart devices.

Home Settings is accessible from the top two rows of shortcuts, where users can quickly sort through the connected gadgets in their home based on the type, including Lights, Media, Cameras, Wi-Fi and more. Google has had a spring-clean of each element of the Settings menu – nicknames and addresses have been consolidated under a tab called Home Information.

And the list of members in your home who can access the smart home gadgets is now labelled as Household.

Rather than listing your rooms, groups and device at the bottom of the Settings menu, Google has now consolidated all of these together into a new Room and Devices menu accessible from the Settings menu. Helping to make the entire menu easier to quickly skim, Google has added icons under the Services tab. This portion of the menu includes likes of Video, Music, Radio and Live TV, Shopping Lists, Voice and Video Calls – services which can be accessed by the Google Home, Chromecast, and more in your home.


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All of these items were previously available in the Google Home, but the new design should make it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for. Google has added a Delete This Home shortcut at the bottom of the main menu too.

If you’re looking to move house, or switch to a household filled with Alexa-compatible devices, Google has made it much, much easier to remove your Google Home from the app. Until now, this has taken a little digging.

As well as the new order, Google has also tweaked the design so the Settings fits into its Material Design language, which is now present in the vast majority of its online services, ChromeOS and Android operating systems. This includes the symbols used in the Services tab, which look completely at home on a modern Android smartphone.

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