Grand Theft Auto 6 London concept video wows fans desperate for UK-based sequel

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Ever since the launch of GTA 5 in 2013, fans of Grand Theft Auto have been pining for a new instalment to the beloved series.

By all accounts, though, the absolute earliest we're going to see GTA 6 launch is next year or even 2024.

While speculation is rife as to the exact setting and location of the next Grand Theft Auto game, that hasn't stopped some diehard fans from coming up with ideas of their own.

One of the most wanted settings for the series has been London. 2020's Watch Dogs: Legion blew people away with its impressive futuristic rendering of the Big Smoke, but its portrayal of life in London felt a bit sanitised and inauthentic., even if it did feature Stormzy.

Grand Theft Auto is known for its tongue-in-cheek, high octane action comedy, and it would be the perfect series to take on the city and show it in all its guts and glory.

Music YouTuber Drill Insider created an amazing concept video for GTA 6: London, complete with imagery from the Tottenham riots of 2010, some terrible snowy weather, and some real-world drill music.

The demo even includes a take on the series' iconic radio stations, with a guest talking about blemming zoots while the player zooms around the streets of London.

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It would be a step away from previous interpretations of London focused on Cockney geezers and famous landmarks like Trafalgar Square towards the city as people live in it today, a sprawl of chicken shops, fast cars and even faster cash.

Numerous leaks have suggested that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place in the same Miami-inspired setting as GTA III, namely, Vice City.

An Instagram account claiming that Vice City would be the setting for GTA 6 also said the game would feature hurricanes, alligators, and Fortnite-style map updates, as well as a Caribbean section.

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Purported leaked images of the game map suggested it will be up to three times bigger than that of the previous instalment, GTA V, which had a vast game world.

Other theories have claimed the central location is South America and the map is going to feature multiple American cities, although none of this has been confirmed.

Rockstar Games has not commented at all on speculation over the hotly anticipated game.

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