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SOME of Greggs' most closely guarded secrets have been revealed, including the special ingredient in sausage rolls.

The popular bakery chain is a fan favourite for Brits across the country thanks to its iconic sausage rolls and steak bakes.

With a million sausage rolls sold each and every day, there's no doubt that the nation favours the cheap and easy bakery.

Now, a new documentary takes a deep-dive into the biggest secrets behind Greggs, which bolsters over 2,000 stores nationwide.

Greggs: Secrets of Their Best Bakes, aired on Channel 5 last night and had viewers hungry for more.

The documentary sees one branch of the ever-popular bakery in Newcastle open their doors and reveal a number of their top-secrets, reports the Mirror.

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Workers revealed that the white sauce of the chicken bake is souffled using a "high shearing" technique which could never be replicated at home.

But there are some things Greggs will never truly give away, as production workers admitted.

Even staff are kept in the dark about the exact recipe for the famous sausage roll – including a top secret seasoning mix.

Customers were also been stunned to learn that there are different messages baked into the top of different pastries.

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Busy staff can easily get confused which snack is which while serving hungry customers.

That's why each bake has been designed with a different marking on its top so workers can tell at a glance what’s inside it.

The steak bake features diagonal slashes, while the chicken bake has wavy lines.

Smaller waved lines denote a vegetable bake while three horizontal slits represents a vegetable katsu bake.

Arrows indicate a cheese and onion bake, and the sausage and baked bean melt boasts little dashes across its width.

Lastly, the beef and vegetable pasty can be commonly identified by its "humptiback".

The vegan sausage roll, introduced in 2019, is handled only by yellow tongs.

And the secret markings are not just for coding the products as they actually allow some steam to escape in the oven to keep the pastry moist but not soggy.

Sukina Coyle, Regional Process Development Manager, said: "You’re looking for some breakage in the pastry but as you can see they’re evenly spaced for even lift on the product. It’s always science."

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