Gym-goer exposes mans creepy ripe for picking comment as he stares at woman

A gym-goer has confronted two men after filming their creepy comments while they checked out women at the gym.

TikTok user @charliebanga said the incident made him realise why women feel uncomfortable working out and so decided to expose the pair on social media.

Filming inside the gym in Florida, US, Charlie sits in the lounge area opposite two middle-aged men who both seem to be looking at a young woman running on a treadmill.

A man with a cap says: "Ooh, keep staring at those. Yeah, woman's perfume, man."

The other man turns around and touches his nose and replies: "Ripe for the picking."

They laugh and carry on watching the woman exercising.

"Smell of a woman walking by you," the first man continues. "I was in prison for three years, right. All I smell was dirty a** men.

"A girl guard walked by, you were like, ‘Oh my god'."

Charlie stops the recording and explains that he usually minds his own business when he goes to the gym.

But the comments were so unsettling that he had to confront the men.

"After I finished recording, I played it out loud so they could hear it," Charlie recalled the incident.

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"I was like, 'y’all are nasty as f***, man'. I got mad because she didn’t even know what was going on, you feel me?

"And I just knew that was some f***ed-up s***."

He then allegedly told the guys to leave the gym and reported them to the staff.

His video has amassed more than 1.8 million views and many women thanked for his brave act to speak out for the young woman.

In the comments, Charlie said the men were left looking "scared and dumbfounded".

"They couldn't even say s*** because they knew they were dead wrong," he added.

One woman shared her thoughts: "This is why I always go with my brothers. You're a real one for this, thank you."

"This is why I want only-girl gyms I swear," another wrote.

"'Ripe for the picking'," a third commented. "I am so uncomfortable."

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