Hairstylist shares life changing tip for mature women – its magic

Glam Girl Gabi is a hairstylist and influencer who shares her hair hacks on YouTube for her 213,000 subscribers. In one video she shared a “life-changing” tip for older ladies as they transition to grey hair.

Glam Girl Gabi explained that as women age, their hair loses pigmentation, leading to grey and white hairs.

Going grey is a very “individual experience”, with some women going white and others more salt-and-pepper.

In some cases the greys are evenly distributed all over the head, but some women may find they have streaks or that it is concentrated at their temples.

Glam Girl Gabi is an advocate for embracing and celebrating grey hair, stating that it looks “healthy and shiny”.

She explained that many women grow their hair out naturally, however others go blonde to manage and disguise greyer roots.

The hairstylist and influencer gave an important hair hack for women who have gone down either route.

She said: “If you’ve embraced your natural colour or if you’ve gone lighter with your hair to manage it and you’re now a blonde, you may have noticed that your hair picks up a yellow cast sometimes.”

The expert explained that while this is totally normal, it can be fixed with a very simple product.

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“When hair has no pigmentation or very little pigmentation, it picks up things from the environment.”

The expert said that chlorine and other chemical residues in water, as well as UV rays from the sun and even oils from the scalp can give the hair a yellowish hue.

To combat this, Gabi recommended both men and women invest in a purple product.

She explained that while it “sounds very strange”, purple is opposite to yellow on the colour wheel and can therefore neutralises it.

The result is rather than brassy and yellow, the hair is stylishly “bright and icy”.

Gabi praised the product: “It’s literally magic, it’s amazing how it works.”

She recommended using purple shampoo two or three times per week, making sure to find a hydrating one as more mature hair can already be quite dry and frizzy.

Gabi’s next tip was for ladies with thin hair, as this is a common concern for older ladies.

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She explained that with menopause oestrogen decreases which can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

A “fantastic haircut” is very important “because there is no styling in the world that will be able to combat a bad haircut”.

The expert said: “A really easy way to give the illusion of thick hair when your hair is fine is to ensure that the baseline of the hair looks dense.

“The shorter and blunter you go, the heavier the baseline looks. A dense baseline tricks the brain into thinking the hair is thicker overall.”

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