Harry Styles drops handsy ‘Watermelon Sugar’ video ‘dedicated to touching’

Remember what it felt like to touch people? Harry Styles is here to remind you.

The British singer has taunted socially distant fans with a sensual music video for his single “Watermelon Sugar.” The pre-pandemic romp is full of attractive people caressing without washing hands, making out and sharing food — in other words, a real coronavirus tease.

“This video is dedicated to touching,” it starts off.

The video begins with Styles, 26, enjoying an al fresco breakfast on the beach while wearing blue sunglasses. His meal includes a juicy slice of watermelon, which he suggestively runs his finger over in deep reverie. The camera cuts to him spread out on a sunny beach, this time in red heart sunglasses, surrounded by hotties writhing in the sand.

Watermelons are everywhere, including between the legs of one enthusiastic beach babe.

Throughout the video, Styles and his buddies are snuggling, smooching and snacking on fruit as the former One Directioner basks in attention from both boys and girls — the occasionally dress-wearing Brit has famously been coy about whether he identifies as bisexual, but has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community.


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