Heidi Klum Says Daughter Leni Wants to Follow in Her Footsteps but Is 'Her Own Little Person'

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As far as Gunn, 66, is concerned, Klum’s kids (whom she shares with ex-husband Seal) are his nieces and nephews, considering how far he and their mom go back in their friendship and careers.

“I hope they think of me as an uncle,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’ve known them since they were infants and it’s been wonderful watching them grow up.”

“What has been so reassuring for me in terms of the future of humanity is Heidi’s super parenting and the fact that her kids are so beautifully behaved and polite and respectful, yet you don’t feel as though they’re shackled or chained,” Gunn adds. “They’re just themselves, and it all comes from Heidi.”

“You’ve seen me breastfeeding with all of them and pregnant with all of them,” Klum tells Gunn. “I was always pregnant when we were shooting [Project Runway]. I was always breastfeeding or I was on the stage with a big belly … I had to be very creative. At that time, there was not so much maternity wear that you could wear on a TV show.”

“What’s also remarkable was how quickly you weren’t pregnant,” Gunn says. “You’d have the baby and suddenly, ‘What do you mean you just had a baby?’ ”

“Yeah, I was always very lucky with that,” says Klum. “That belly just came and went.”

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