Homeless model now earns thousands by posting sexy pictures online

Model, 20, who was left homeless after fleeing her abusive father and addict mother, reveals she now earns thousands of dollars a month by posting provocative pictures online

  • Sem Graham, who is originally from Florida, grew up with an abusive father
  • Her mother then became addicted to alcohol and opioids after she broke her back in a car crash when Sem was seven 
  • After the accident, her father also starting drinking and doing drugs 
  • Eventually Sem, her mother, and her little sister fled the family home 
  • Her mother continued to battle alcoholism, and Sem eventually decided to move out – but had nowhere to go so she lived in her car 
  • She eventually got a job in a fast food restaurant and moved in with a friend 
  • At 16, she won a beauty pageant, Miss Delray Beach Teen, and she began to grow a social media following – before going viral with a video at 19
  • Sem realized she could make money from flaunting her curves online, so she began charging followers for her content – and now earns thousands a month
  • The model is also open about her struggle with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and trichotillomania, which she regularly discusses with her followers

A glamorous model has opened up about her difficult start in life and her journey from homeless high school student and fast food worker to a high-earning Instagram sensation.

Sem Graham has thousands of Instagram followers on the social media platform and says she now thinks nothing of making six figures regularly thanks to the money she makes on subscription sites OnlyFans and Patreon.

But things haven’t always been so easy for the 20-year-old, who specializes in sexy snaps showing off her curves.

A new chapter: Instagram model Sem Graham has revealed how she turned her life around after being left homeless when she fled her abusive father and addict mother 

Moving on: The 20-year-old, who is from Florida but lives in Utah, watched her mother get addicted to opioids and alcohol after she broke her back in a car crash when Sem was seven

Fleeing: Sem, her mother, and her younger sister ran away from their abusive father when the model was in high school 

Sem says she’s had to make it on her own from a young age, receiving little support from her alcoholic mother and abusive father.

At the age of seven, she was involved in a car crash in which her mother broke her back just weeks after giving birth to Sem’s sister.

Following the accident, her mother became addicted to opioids and alcohol.

Sem said: ‘My father at the time could not deal with her and support the family. So he gave her a bottle of alcohol and sent her back to her room where she would stay for days on end.’

Her father also worked away from home during the week and Sem and her little sister were left to fend for themselves.

When both parents were around, things weren’t much better.

‘My father got involved with drugs, drinking, gambling and infidelity,’ she said.

‘There was a lot of abuse verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally for years especially from my mother at the time. I would pray she would stay in [her] room and never come out.

‘Getting to and from school at that age was hard. Because I would get home to my younger sister in a dirty diaper watching TV by herself with my mother nowhere to be found.’

Despite this turbulent home life, and the fact the family moved several times, bright Sem still did well at school.

She said: ‘I kept my head down and did school and sports. I tried to spend little time at home and a lot of time at school.’ 

Often the new girl, thanks to her parents getting kicked out of various accommodation and deciding to move, Sem says she struggled to fit in.

‘I was never that pretty girl or the one boys liked at all,’ she recalled. 

Sem took part in as many extra classes as she could, volunteered and had a job. ‘I was basically a no one and a nerd,’ she says.

Her father became increasingly abusive to her mother so Sem, her sister and mother finally left him to stay near relatives.

‘My mother and I had made a deal that if I was going to get her out she would get clean and stop drinking,’ Sem said.

Sadly this was not to be and her mother continued to struggle with alcoholism. 

Helping hand: The model first rose to popularity on the site when she won Miss Delray Beach Teen at the age of 16, which helped to boost her following significantly

On her way! When she was 19, Sem posted a video that went viral, and her follower count shot up ‘overnight’

Earnings: Now, Sem has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and charges fans for her provocative content

Eventually Sem had enough, and packed up her things to go and live in her car.

She continued with school, but it wasn’t easy.

‘Because I was living in my car I didn’t have access to the online homework and doing homework at night was hard,’ she said.

‘I was bouncing from home to home and some of the school staff offered for me to sleep on their couch or come pick up food.

‘I had a teacher give me money to put gas in my car and buy food. I would buy low sodium V8 juices with protein bars and that is basically what I lived off of.’

Eventually, Sem was taken in by her aunt and uncle, who she was able to live with until she graduated high school.

She moved in with a friend and took a job working at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, having won Miss Delray Beach Teen America aged 16, her social media following was beginning to grow. 

Money maker: She also earns thousands through subscription-based websites OnlyFans and Patreon, where fans can pay to access exclusive content

Success: ‘Today I am making great money, still haven’t taken a dime from my parents, and am currently looking at beautiful homes to buy,’ she said

Positive outlook: Sem also uses social media as a place to discuss her struggles with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trichotillomania, to spread awareness to others about the illnesses

Aged 19 a video of her went viral, with Sem revealing: ‘I went from 5,000 to 25,000 over night.’ 

The video kick-started an Instagram career, and she began doing OnlyFans some time after that.

‘Today I am making great money, still haven’t taken a dime from my parents, and am currently looking at beautiful homes to buy,’ she said.

Sem was also determined to stay in further education and juggles her online career with college and volunteer work.

Although she is estranged from her father, things are looking better for her family too.

‘I still see my sister all the time,’ she said. ‘My mother has finally divorced my father and is on her way to better things.’

Sem, meanwhile, is open about the fact she’s being treated for complex PTSD, severe depression, anxiety and trichotillomania.

Although her Instagram feed is adored by thousands, ‘social media vs real life is far different,’ she says.

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