How Will Kate Middleton Celebrate Easter With Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis This Year?

Kate Middleton usually spends Easter at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth and other senior members of the royal family. But with the world currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, the royal family is handling Easter a little differently this year. How is Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, celebrating Easter with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis?

Where are Kate Middleton and Prince William staying for Easter?

The royal family is doing its part to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus by working from home. While Queen Elizabeth is shacking up at Windsor Castle, Prince William and Kate are hunkering down at their country estate, Anmer Hall.

With schools shut down and the country under lockdown, Kate hasbeen homeschooling her two oldest for the past few weeks. She has also beenworking alongside several charities to help those in need amid the pandemic.

Kate Middleton is a big advocate of getting outside and being active, so it is safe to assume that her three children are spending a lot of time outdoors. And when it comes to the Easter holiday, there is little doubt that Kate has something creative planned for George, Charlotte, and Louis.

How is Kate planning to celebrate Easter?

In a normal year, Kate spends Easter at Windsor Castle and startsthe day off with a big Easter egg hunt near St. George’s Chapel. According to HelloMagazine, Kate will likely follow that tradition this year, only thehunt won’t take place at Windsor Castle.

Instead, Kate Middleton will probably hide eggs for her kiddos onthe grounds of Anmer Hall. We do not know what the family will do after thehunt is over, as attending church is out of the question due to the pandemic.

Given the circumstances, there is a strong chance that Kate will video message other members of the royal family who would normally be around for Easter. This includes Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles, all of home are practicing social distancing at this time.

Easter is set for April 12 this year, which is only a week awayfrom Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday. Louis, meanwhile, is also set to turn twoyears old on April 23.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge offer their support for QueenElizabeth

Although Prince William and Kate Middleton have kept tothemselves in recent weeks, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recentlyexpressed their support for Queen Elizabeth on social media. The coupleencouraged their followers to watch Her Majesty’s historic coronavirus speechand included a quote from her address for good measure.

“‘We shouldtake comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days willreturn: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again;we will meet again,’”William and Kate captioned the post. “Her Majesty The Queen has addressedthe UK and Commonwealth in a special broadcast recorded at Windsor Castle —visit @TheRoyalFamily to watch in full.”

In her speech, Queen Elizabeth praised frontline workers for their dedication to helping the sick and risking their own lives. She also took pride in how the British people are handling the social distancing measures and is hopeful that they would eventually overcome the crisis.

The address comes following Charles’ positive test for thecoronavirus. The Prince of Wales has since been released from self-isolationand is in better health after suffering from mild symptoms.

Inside Kate Middleton’s parenting plan

While we hope to learn more about Kate’s Easter plans, an insidesource recently told TheSun that she is planning on giving her children a down-to-earthupbringing. The source claims that Kate has always wanted to give her threekids the “Enid Blyton” childhood, which includes plenty of outdooractivities.

“Kate is giving her children the Enid Blyton ‘Famous Five’ life that she always wanted forthem,” the insider dished. “She ensures their lives are outdoorsy andfull of tree climbing, swimming, making dens, growing their own flowers andvegetables, team games, dog walking.”

With Kate and William currently staying at their country home,she certainly has plenty of opportunities to give her children the life she hasalways wanted for them.

As far as George, Charlotte, and Louis are concerned, the insidernoted that they are loving their freedom and enjoy playing in the gardens. Theyalso like birdwatching and taking dips in the pond.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have not commented on their Easter plans. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will likely remain at Anmer Hall until the coronavirus pandemic is under control.

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