Hugh Grant reveals his children are 'addicted' to their phones

Hugh Grant reveals his five children are ‘addicted’ to their phones – but admits he is a ‘desperate parent’ who refuses to ban technology because it ‘shuts them up’

  • Hugh Grant, 59, told how his five young children are ‘addicted’ to their phones
  • Has three kids by wife Anna Eberstein and two by former partner Tinglan Hong
  • Joked he hasn’t banned technology from children as it helps to keep them quiet 

Actor Hugh Grant has revealed he is struggling to raise his young children as they are ‘addicted’ to their phones – but admits he is too lazy to ban their screen time.

In a rare interview about his children, the father-of-five, 59, spoke about his worries over the impact technology is having on them, but confesses it keeps them quiet.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star told Saga magazine: ‘Smart parents ban it, don’t they? But we are not smart parents, we are desperate parents.

‘We say “let them have the bloody thing, at least they’ll shut up.”‘

Hugh Grant, 59, has revealed how his five children – all under the age of eight – are ‘addicted’ to their phones. Pictured, at 73rd British Academy Film Awards at Royal Albert Hall in London on 2 February 2020

The has three children by wife Anna Eberstein and two by former partner Tinglan Hong. Pictured, with Anna Elisabet Eberstein at the Charles Finch & CHANEL Pre-BAFTA Party at 5 Hertford Street on February 1, 2020 in London

The actor’s children are all eight or under, with three of them by wife Anna Eberstein and two by former partner Tinglan Hong.

Grant has two boys and two girls and such is the way he closely guards his private life that he has not revealed the gender of his fifth, born in 2018.

Speaking about his technology worries, Grant added: ‘The older ones are addicts, of course. I don’t know what to do about it.’

He added: ‘I hate my phone, there was one day when we were making The Undoing when I left it in my hotel room.

‘Between takes, I read a book. I talked to people. It was blissful.’

Anna Elisabet Eberstein and Hugh Grant attending the 73rd British Academy Film Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on February 2, 2020

Grant also said: ‘I’m a silly father, I get that from my mother who was quite silly with my brother and me when we were children, lots of silly voices.

‘I do that with my children too, although I’m not sure that they enjoy it – they roll their eyes half the time.

‘Having children is odd, isn’t it?

‘It’s simultaneously the worst time of your life and the best because as you tread on another broken toy when you’ve got a hangover, it’s awful, but when I look through my photographs taken over the past few years, I realise that I have been happy.’

Grant also claimed his romantic comedies are behind him.

He said: ‘I’ve got too old and ugly for romantic comedies. And thank god.

‘Look, I’m proud of those romantic comedies because they worked, they entertained people, they’re not idiotic – or the vast majority of them aren’t anyway.

‘But it’s lovely’s not to be a young, handsome leading man. I used to say ‘if you want deep and dark, get Ralph Fiennes’, but these days I’m getting so many new challenges.

‘As far as I’m concerned, the darker and more complex the character, the better.’

Grant admitted that he is a ‘silly father,’ which he gets from his mother. Pictured, with Anna Elisabet Eberstein at ‘The Gentleman’ VIP film screening in  London on 3 December 2019

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