I cried after mum invited 40 people to her birthday party and no one came

A daughter broke down in tears after her mum prepared everything for her 40th birthday and no one turned up to her party.

Addie described her heartbreak on TikTok after waited an hour for the guests.

In the video, she turned the camera to herself and quietly sobbed in the house.

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She said: "My mum threw herself a birthday party and invited over 40 people.

"It's 5pm, no one showed up and it started at 4pm. I'm crying. She made food and cleaned the whole house too."

Addie said her mum had put up a Facebook group invitation, adding: "She definitely put the right date, only six people responded and not even they showed."

At the end, her mum was surrouned by family members, who sang a happy birthday song to her.

Add's post has touched thousands of viewers on TikTok and many said they would love to attend the party.

Even Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, who plays Will in the hit Netflix series, noticed and commented: "I would be there! Happy birthday."

Another said: "I'm holding back tears. It's sad people can be like that, I bet she is the first one to show up if you invite her. Happy birthday!"

"I started crying I feel so bad for her," a second wrote. "She looks liek such a kind, loving person. She deserves the world."

Addie responded in the comments: "Thank you to everyone who's showing me and my mum so much love. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

"Mum is okay, she is happy and thank you for everything that you've been saying."

She also joked that she accidentally gifted her mum "TikTok fame" for her birthday and her mum was happy that "Noah Schnapp knows she exists".


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