I didn’t take my mocks seriously and fear my future is over now we won’t sit our A-level exams – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE:  I WAS working so hard to pull up my A-level grades but now we won’t sit the exams.

If we are judged on our teachers’ predictions, I might as well write off my future.

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I’m a guy of 18.

I didn’t get down to studying seriously early enough, messed up my mocks and teachers said I was my own worst enemy.

My parents had a go at me too and I realised I might not get into the uni I want.

With Mum’s help I organised a revision timetable and stuck to it.

I was sure I’d pull up my grades but now I’m relying on teachers who think I’m a waste of space.

DEIDRE SAYS: To have the virus strike at such a crucial time will feel devastating but don’t panic.

Contact those teachers and explain how hard you worked.

Be specific about the hours you put in on the subjects and the areas you covered.

They would rather you succeed – and showing commitment and initiative can only be a good thing.

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