I don’t think my ex is spending the child maintenance I give her on our son – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I DON’T think my ex spends the child maintenance I give her on our son.

She has another child, by a different dad, and is now with a guy who has a shopfloor job.

She doesn’t work, yet they took three holidays last year.

Where do they get the money?

I’m 33 and my ex is 31.

We have a 13-year-old son together.

We split up eight years ago but have been civil for the sake of our son.

He has his own phone so I don’t often have reason to contact my ex – but when I do need to, I never get a reply these days.

She used to help with the travelling but now it’s always me who does the picking up and dropping off.

I can’t help but think her new guy is controlling her.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Do you fear your son is without essentials you pay maintenance for?

Or is it that you resent your ex enjoying life?

Presumably your son benefited from the holidays too?

But it’s not good for your son to see his mum in a controlling relationship.

Tell your ex you want to go for mediation so you can sort out new arrangements.

Contact National Family Mediation (nfm.org.uk, 0300 4000 636).

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