I made mum’s dream by becoming Page 3 girl – but dad couldn’t open the paper

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    A popular Page 3 girl who ditched primary school teaching for modelling says her parents could not be prouder of her.

    Beth Cowan has graced Daily Star pages for years and she gave an insight into how her mum and dad first reacted to the career change.

    The 27-year-old also now supports herself with a racy OnlyFans account where subscribers pay approximately £8.50 a month to access her kinky content.

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    The Geordie lass told us: “The best thing about being a Page 3 girl is just having yourself out there and I feel very blessed.

    “Just being able to go to the supermarket, Tesco or Morrisons or whatever, and picking up the paper is a lovely feeling.”

    Beth always wanted to become a model but she also "loved" her old job as a teaching assistant at a primary school, where she worked with children aged seven and eight.

    She only swapped the classroom for the camera after her father suffered a severe injury.

    And opening up about telling her parents about her Page 3 career, she remembered: “My mam thought it was the best thing in the world because she’s always wanted to do something like that but it just didn’t happen for her.

    “My dad… obviously when I first started doing it, it was topless so he was happy for us but he didn’t want to see.

    “He would purposefully not look but now it’s just bikini shots and stuff so he is now happier to open the paper, bless him. He is over the moon for us.”

    The gorgeous brunette has graced the newspaper many times and she gave an insight into what it’s like shooting for Page 3.

    She laughed: “I love it! The makeup artist is amazing and he is so funny. It’s just dead relaxing and simple behind the scenes. It’s great and very laid back.

    “I will have a cuppa, have some toast, put my makeup on and it’s great!”

    When Beth’s glam snaps are not appearing in the Daily Star she sells content on her OnlyFans page.

    And last week she revealed her wildest requests, including one hair-obsessed subscriber who paid her to keep her armpits unshaven.

    She said: “I’ve had people wanting photos of me with my armpits hairy and unshaven. They ask me to grow it.

    “I think the armpits request was the easiest one I’ve ever had. It was like £200 and they were like ‘can you grow your armpit hair’ and they also asked about hair on my toes.

    “They just wanted a photo with my arm up, that was literally it… and also a close up of the actual hair.

    “Someone else paid me £200 the other day for a quick video of me in my gym stuff just doing deadlifts. That was great!”

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