I was bluffing when I booked my husband a flat viewing – my plan back fired | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AS a wake-up call to my husband when I got fed up with him, I arranged a one-bedroomed flat viewing for him – but he put down a full deposit with no hesitation.

We’ve got two children who are hard work.

My elder son is six and has special educational needs. The other is a year old and looks like he is going the same way.

My husband has a fast-food business, which is his world. When he is not there, he is on his phone or the PlayStation.

When we have a day out, he never engages with the children, often sneaking off to the over-18s section of arcades, leaving me with them.

I’m 36 and on depression medication.

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My husband is 39. He says I’m unstable and nobody else will want me.
Now he’s talking about a moving-in date.

DEIDRE SAYS:  That’s it then – he’s planning to go.

You deserve better than being gaslighted like this. Being a single parent is hard work but would it feel any different from the support you’re getting now?

You need to talk about the fact he’s not being a responsible dad and that he can’t leave it all to you. It is having an impact on your mental health.

Find a moment to ask whether he is really going to take this flat and give up on his wife and children so easily.

Find help through a counsellor at tavistockrelationships.org (020 7380 1975), even if you go alone.

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