I’m having great sex with a colleague but she’s just revealed she’s in an open relationship – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M having great sex with a female colleague and enjoy spending time with her but she’s dropped the bombshell that she’s in an open, long-distance relationship with a guy in Singapore.

She is 29 and attractive and we have really good chemistry. I’m 31.

I was so happy with our relationship until she dropped this bombshell.

Her other man can’t visit her often – and not at all at the moment – but they FaceTime every day.

They have agreed on an open relationship where they can sleep with other people but he’s flying over to visit her as soon as it’s possible.

Do I continue to see her or break it off now to protect myself?

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DEIDRE SAYS: At the moment you should be social distancing at work and not going to her place to have sex, as you risk passing on or catching the virus.

If she says she wants a casual thing then she probably means it and you stand to get hurt if you are properly falling for her.

Tell her she has to make a choice and you won’t have sex with her at least until the lockdown is over.

If she says the other guy is still the man she considers her real partner, best to break with her altogether or you will find staying casual more and more painful.

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