Influencer poses in front of Eiffel Tower but hidden clues indicate its faked

An influencer set pulses racing in a sexy video by the "Eiffel Tower" after saying Paris was one of her favourite cities – but made a huge mistake.

Jess Hunt, who previously called out a "catfish" who edited their own face onto her body, was accused of a "Photoshop fail" when some key details seemed a bit suspicious.

In the footage, the glammed-up 24-year-old model poses in a skimpy black dress while apparently strutting down the middle of a busy road in front of the famous landmark in Paris.

The sparkling dress is nearly completely backless and the sheer material teases the outline of her knickers.

"One of my fav cities," Jess wrote in the caption with her Instagram post.

Although many of Jess's 1.5 million Instagram fans were impressed with the seductive look, "snark account" Celeb Spellcheck appeared to find some clues it was edited and branded her a "virtual tourist".

Other commentators said the lack of shadows from Jess's body made it look like she was in front of a green screen.

Meanwhile, others said her feet were "floating" and seemed out of proportion compared to the white line painted down the middle of the road.

Jess's fans loved the outfit though, and one called her: "Phenom!"

"My favourite pics of you," gushed a second admirer.

Someone else complimented her with: "Paris suits you."

Jess Hunt previously modeled a daring Pretty Little Thing corset and skirt set that was branded "unwearable" by some shoppers because of the danger of flashing.

The stringy skirt can't be worn with knickers and people worried a sudden gust of wind would turn the outfit x-rated.

Daily Star has reached out to Jess Hunt for comment about the Eiffel Tower video.

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