Inside Katie Prices love life from Simon Cowell ‘kiss’ to multiple baby dads

Katie Price is set to star in a new documentary tonight called Katie Price: Trauma and Me where she will talk of her battle with PTSD and her own personal life experiences.

The Channel 4 documentary was originally due to air on September 8, however, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II had sadly passed away on the same date, with broadcasters scrambling to change TV schedules to honour the monarch.

As Katie delves into her troubled past, she will explore her past relationships and how they have affected her, alongside the attention her love life has received over the years.

The mum-of-five, who is also known as Jordan, has been married three times and has recently settled down with boyfriend Carl Woods, who she describes as her "amazing man".

But who did Katie date before meeting her current partner?

Here's everything you need to know.

Warren Furman

Katie met ex-Gladiator star Warren Furman in 1996 and the pair soon hit it off.

The couple had a whirlwind romance, with Warren proposing to the then-19 year old shortly after they met.

However, the couple split after two years together in 1998.

Dane Bowers

Katie met Another Level singer Dane Bowers shortly after her relationship with Warren came to an end.

This was a pivotal relationship for the former glamour model as she was left heartbroken after the couple split after two years together in 2000.

During her stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011, Katie said: “He was the only guy who completely taught me about having your heart broken.”

According to the rumour mill, his friendship with Victoria Beckham was the cause of the split.

However, Dane later admitted that he was jealous of Katie when they were together.

He said: “At the time I was quite jealous. She stopped doing all the nudie shoots, the really naughty things. Then she did one just to spite me and I said 'if you do it I’ll leave you' and she did it.”

The singer also slammed Katie in 2020 for still talking about their infamous sex tape.

The tape showed the romp featuring Dane, who performed a sex act on her with his big toe.

Dane said: "I don't know her anymore. We'll say hello now and then.

"I don't really read anything about her. I think loads has gone on with her in the past few years.

"The tape is not something I really think about it and I'm surprised she would say anything about it."

Dwight Yorke

Following her split from Dane, Katie met Dwight in a London club and they ended up dating for year.

The former Premier League footballer is the father of Katie’s first child, Harvey, who is autistic, partially-blind and has Prader-Willis syndrome.

Dwight has been an absent father to Harvey and has even disputed that he is the boy's dad over the years.

According to the Loose Women panellist, he only spoke to Harvey on his tenth birthday after her mum called his manager.

In her autobiography, Love, Lipstick and Lies, Katie wrote: "It’s such a shame. All I can say is that he is missing out on a very special little boy. Personally, I think he is scared of seeing Harvey… Dwight should try. He would get so much love in return."

Gareth Gates

After her relationship with Dwight fizzled out, Katie went on to date Pop Idol winner Gareth Gates, with the singer reportedly losing his virginity to her.

However, Gareth initially denied the relationship with Katie, despite her talking openly about the pair dating.

The Pop Idol winner recently said of the affair: “I don’t regret sleeping with Jordan. It was an amazing time. I wish I hadn’t lied about it though.”

He added: “At the end of Pop Idol I did have a brief relationship with Jordan. I was 17 years old… I was pursued by her. I was bemused as to why she went to the press as I see relationships as private."

Gareth continued: "I shouldn't have denied it, but I did. I was naive. But I have learnt a lot from this experience."

Following the split, Katie went on to have a brief fling with businessman Scott Sullivan.

Peter Andre

During her appearance on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004, Katie met Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre.

The pair fell in love instantly and wed in a lavish ceremony in 2005.

They went on to have two children together, Princess Andre and Junior Andre.

When Peter filed for divorce from Katie in 2009 she was shocked, saying: “When Pete left me, I was devastated and I went out drinking and partying.

"It was my way of melting down – I felt like everyone hated me and none of it was my decision. My life fell apart.

"When I'm single, I'm bad. When I'm in a miserable relationship, I'm bad, but when I'm in a good relationship, I'm 'happy Kate.'"

Alex Reid

The TV personality met former cage-fighter Alex Reid at Michelle Heaton’s 30th birthday in 2010.

Soon after they first met, the couple eloped to Las Vegas to get married.

However, the pair had a rocky relationship and they split after 11 months together as she said her husband had "changed".

Alex has hit out at his ex over the years after he claimed the former glamour model told the world about his cross-dressing alter-ego, Roxanne.

The first time the public saw Alex in women's clothing was at the 2009 launch of Katie's book, Standing Out.

To promote the fashion guide, Katie was flanked by Alex, her horse trainer Andy Gould, stylist Phil Turner and brother Daniel Price, who all donned a version of an outfit that she had seen in before.

Alex later hit out at Katie for the event, stating to The Sun: “The only reason people know about Roxanne is because she exposed me at her book launch – and even then they didn't meet the real her, they met Katie's version of Roxanne – one she had conjured up for her own financial and business gains."

Danny Cipriani

Katie had a short fling with Danny Cipriani in 2011, but ended things when she caught the rugby star in bed with another woman.

In her autobiography Love, Lipstick and Lies, she described the moment she walked into his bedroom and saw her lover having sex.

She wrote: "My gut instinct had been spot on, Danny, who was supposed to be my boyfriend, was having sex with another woman.

"'Hiya,' I said – sounding calm even though I felt anything but. 'Danny,' I said, sounding more together than I was feeling, 'I want you to know that I forgive you, but I never forget.'"

Leandro Penna

Katie met Argentinian model Leandro in 2011 and they soon got engaged after only six months together.

They dated twice over the space of two years but soon split due to the language barrier.

Katie's ex-fiancé quit fame for a very different career in 2021 – selling avocados out of a van in Chile.

The door-to-door avocado business, called Paltas Royal, has an Instagram page, however, the last post on the app was uploaded in April this year.

Kieran Hayler

After yet another whirlwind romance, Katie tied the knot to Kieran Hayler in the Bahamas in 2013.

They went on to have two children together, Bunny and Jet.

However, it was not happily ever after for the pair as Kieran had sex with two of Katie’s friends.

Even after the former glamour model forgave him under the condition he underwent therapy for sex addiction, he allegedly had another affair with their nanny in 2019.

He is now engaged to Michelle Penticost and Katie has recently appeared in court after sending him text messages about his fiancée that broke a restraining order.

The reality star was handed the five-year restraining order in 2019 after she called Michelle a "f***ing c***" during a row at the school gates.

Kris Boyson

Katie then met personal trainer Kris Boyson in 2018 and the pair dated on and off for a year.

During their year-long romance, Kris proposed to Katie and her children, including Harvey, reportedly referred to him as dad.

However, it was not meant to be and they broke up in the August of 2019.

Simon Cowell

In 2019, Katie revealed that she had spent the night with Simon Cowell several years before, recalling that she 'loved his chest hair'.

The 44-year-old spent the night at Simon's London home after attending an awards party, claiming: "We kissed and I ran my fingers through his chest hair."

She said: "We were both at the Comedy Awards and I was single at the time. I’d had a lot to drink and he invited me back to his place."

When the morning came around, Simon called Katie a taxi to take her home and despite sharing a bed, the couple claim not to have actually had sex.

Charles Drury

The TV personality had another short fling in 2019 with electrician Charles Drury.

Charles, who was 22 at the time, then moved into her house shortly after the relationship began.

Speaking afterwards to The Sun, Charles said: "We clicked straight away and then day by day things got more serious. After messaging on Instagram, Katie asked to meet in person at a spa hotel in the Cotswolds."

The electrician went on to date Towie star Lauren Goodger and they share daughter Larose together.

The couple announced in August this year that their newborn baby daughter, Lorena, had sadly died just two days after Lauren gave birth.

Carl Woods

Following her split from Charles, Katie met Carl Woods in 2020 and they got engaged after 10 months together.

The pair have faced numerous split rumours during their two-year relationship and Carl has seemingly stood by Katie, with the couple getting matching 'Turkey teeth' and tattoos together.

Carl was charged under section 4 of the Public Order Act after an incident in which he was accused of using threatening or abusive behaviour during a row with Katie in August 2021.

A statement from Essex Police said: "A man arrested following an incident in Little Canfield, on August 23 2021, has been charged.

"Carl Woods, 33, of Dunmow Road, Little Canfield, has been charged under Section 4 of the Public Order Act.

"He is due to appear at Colchester Magistrates Court on March 10."

He pleaded not guilty and the case was eventually dropped over lack of evidence.

Katie and her fiancé are said to be 'stronger than ever' as they plan their dream wedding together.

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