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BASEBALL fans are set to be served a treat in London next month with some calorie-busting dishes.

The MLB returns to the UK for the first time since 2019 – and it brings with it a mouth-watering menu of American favorites.

Among them are a two-foot hot dog that comes in at 2,500 calories and is designed to serve four people.

The Chicago Cubs take on the St Louis Cardinals in a two-game series on June 24 and 25 at the London Stadium.

And stadium chefs have created a menu that takes in local delicacies from the two cities.

The most eye-catching of all both in name and appearance is the St Louis donut burger.


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The glazed donut bun is stacked with two 4oz beef patties and cheese as well as bacon for some added savoury crunch.

Mark Bodley, head of catering at London Stadium's partner Freemans, told SunSport: "The donut burger everyone thinks about but there's enough savoury to counter-act against the sweet.

"It's quite a nice eat – it's more psychologically people have got to get their head around the fact they've got a donut on top of a burger."

London Stadium head chef Bruce Deacon was tasked with creating a signature dish for baseball's UK games.

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So he designed the 'Boomstick hot dog', which costs £30 ($37) and contains a complete daily calorie allowance.

Deacon recalled the 2019 London Series games between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox and the large appetites on that occasion.

He told SunSport: "There were some eating competitions last time and people did manage to do it.

"We had some military here and they managed to do it in two and a half minutes.

"It's probably about the 2,500 daily allowance, with the cheese and the chilli and the bread and the hot dog.

"There's a British pork hot dog, nacho cheese, half a kilo of chilli, jalapenos, spring onions and sour cream.

"We're looking at £30 ($37). Hot dogs at the moment are £9 ($11) so it's pretty good value and an average serving is going to be for three or four people."

Baseball fans can also buy 'Boomstick Nachos', which is a two-foot serving of Doritos tortilla chips with all the same hot dog toppings.

Also on the regional specials are hot dogs designed around the two cities.

The St Louis dog is Italian sausage with relish, onions, peppers, secret sauce, ketchup and mustard.

While the Cardinals dog has a Frankfurter stuffed with bacon and topped with spiced beans, onions and bacon crunch.

On the other side, the Chicago dog is an American-famous Dino sausage topped with pickle, tomatoes, onions and gherkin relish.

And the Cubs dog is a chilli cheese beef dog topped with Chicago sweet relish and mustard.

Chicago also has a smoked pulled brisket sandwich on the menu topped with American cheese, caramelised onions and a dill pickle.

The menu will also feature non-meat dishes such as a vegan dog and the American staple mac and cheese.

MLB London Series menu highlights

Boomstick hot dog
Two-foot long hot dog covered with chilli, topped with jalapeno peppers, nacho cheese and sour cream.

Boomstick nachos
Two-foot long bed of tortilla chips with nacho cheese, chilli, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, spring onions and tomatoes.

Donut burger
Glazed donut bun stacked with two 4oz burgers, cheese, bacon, mayo and dill pickle salad.

St Louis dog
Italian sausage with relish, onions, peppers, secret sauce, ketchup and mustard on a traditional bun.

Cardinals dog
Frankfurter stuffed with bacon, topped with spiced beans, onions, bacon crunch and served on a soft sub roll.

Chicago dog
Dino hot dog topped with a pickle, tomatoes, onions, gherkin relish and served on a seeded bun.

Cubs dog
Giant chilli cheese beef hot dog topped with Chicago sweet relish and mustard and served on a brioche sub roll.

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Chicago cheese brisket sandwich
Smoked pulled brisket topped with American cheese, caramelised onion and dill pickle.

St Louis Cardinals will play Chicago Cubs in the MLB World Tour: London Series 2023 on June 24-25 at London Stadium. Tickets are now available at

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