Jean-Claude Van Damme, 59, flaunts huge muscles as he talks tough exercise plan

Back in the 1980s, Jean-Claude Van Damme burst onto the Hollywood scene in movies such as Bloodsport in 1988 and Kickboxer in 1989.

Moving into the 1990s, the Belgian actor continued his reign of martial arts movies in flicks such as Street Fighter in 1994.

With his fame soaring, he even appeared in an episode of Friends as himself and went on to voice Master Croc in Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3.

Back then JCVD was known for his rippling abs, bulging biceps and for doing the splits – and he's still in great shape 30 years later.

Sharing a selfie on Instagram, the fitness fanatic pulled a pose in the gym to show off his massive muscles in a black and white shot.

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He peppered the caption with hashtags including "JCVD World" and "Muscles From Brussels".

His 4.7million followers were in awe of the shape he's in, with the post racking up 184,000 likes and thousands of comments too.

One follower commented: "All natural! No steroids. Age 59. Proud of JCVD."

Another said: "Keep up the great work JCVD."

A third simply put: "Ripped."

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Someone else wrote: "You the man."

And a fifth added: "Big inspiration, thank you."

Jean-Claude Van Damme previously spoke of the gruelling fitness regime he keeps up still at almost 60 years old, admitting he trains five times a week.

Ahead of a tour in Australia, he told "If I don't train I will miss my dopamine, serotonin and I will become depressed.

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"Five days is good but for normal people four days is good, and when I say 'normal' people, we are all equal but some have a day job and they are busy."

He added: "You need one day to rest, relax and rejoin the muscles. It is also good for the mind."

If he looks like this at 59, imagine what he'll look like in another 10 years' time.

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