Jessica said her heavy drinking on 'Love is Blind' led to some 'really cringeworthy moments'

  • Spoilers ahead for the "Love Is Blind" reunion episode.
  • During the reunion, Jessica Batten said her alcohol consumption played a role in how she acted towards the other show participants, including Mark (her ex-fiance), Barnett, and Amber.
  • She said she regretted her actions and didn't like the person she saw when she watched the show back.
  • Jessica also apologized to Mark for how she treated him during their relationship, and Mark forgave her.
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The highly anticipated reunion episode of Netflix's relationship reality show "Love Is Blind" is finally here, and it's filled with dramatic exchanges and answers to the finale's many cliffhangers.

During the reunion, the show's most contentious participant, Jessica Batten, talked about how she felt looking back on the show. She said her alcohol consumption played a role in her actions.

"There were some really cringeworthy moments for me that I had to reflect on," Jessica said. "It's tough because watching it back, it was obvious that I was working through some things."

She said that when filming ended, she made the decision to move back to her hometown of Chicago for six months to work on herself because she didn't like who she was on the show. She now lives in Los Angeles and is single.

Throughout the 10-episode series, Jessica debated whether she was meant to be with her fiance Mark or with Barnett, another participant she connected with but who ended up getting engaged to a woman named Amber.

Even after Amber and Barnett (and Jessica and Mark) were engaged, Jessica kept asking Barnett why he was with Amber, and acted shocked that their relationship lasted as long as it did. 

Jessica was often shown talking to Barnett about his relationship with Amber, who he ultimately married.

The tension came to a head when all of the engaged couples were in Mexico and Jessica asked Barnett to secretly meet her for a one-on-one chat. Jessica was visibly intoxicated during their talk. She addressed that moment during the reunion, saying she'd been served whiskey before meeting up with Barnett.

"I was drinking too much and that was really disturbing to see play out, and some of the comments that I made that were derogatory, and that certainly wasn't fair to Mark, who's a fantastic person and obviously very, very, attractive," Jessica said of her ex-fiance.

She also clarified that she was physically attracted to Mark, but ultimately decided that she wasn't ready to get married because their relationship was moving too fast.

Mark responded, saying that Jessica was a "phenomenal woman" and that he agreed the show was "intense" and moved very quickly. He said he had no hard feelings towards Jessica.

Mark even joked to Jessica, "You still never made me Italian beef, by the way," which was a dish she'd promised to make him during one of their first pod dates.

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