Joel Dommett set to host most brutal dating show ever on Channel 4

You’ve been BINNED! Joel Dommett set to host new ‘brutal’ dating show on Channel 4 – where 12 women vie for one man’s love and rejects are DUMPED through a trapdoor

  • Joel Dommett is set to host a new Channel 4 dating show called The Love Trap 
  • New ‘brutal’ eight-part series will see 12 women try to win the heart of one man
  • But only half the women are genuine, with six there to vie to win £50,000
  • Man must uncover who is a fraud by dumping people through a trap door

Joel Dommett is set to host the most ‘brutal’ dating show ever on Channel 4 – where rejects are dumped through a trapdoor.

The new eight-part series The Love Trap is set to debut on the channel later this year, with the Masked Singer presenter hosting the show.

It will see 12 women trying to win the heart of one man – while he must uncover which six contestants are genuine, and which six are faking their feelings in order to win £50,000 at the end.

When he has made his decision, he goes on to dump the women through a trap door, with a source telling The Sun: ‘Each of the female ­contestants will be going all out to prove they are genuine and the man will then dump whoever he thinks is trying to con him through the Love Trap.

Joel Dommett is set to host the most ‘brutal’ dating show ever on Channel 4 – where rejects are dumped through a trapdoor

‘He needs to be shrewd however, as dumping the wrong women will leave him with more money- grabbers than genuine ­lovers.’ 

The insider added the show was ‘an amazing concept’ but described it as ‘brutal’. 

The Love Trap is from the makers of ­Netflix reality dating game show Too Hot To Handle, and Channel 4 bosses are no doubt hoping that the series will follow in the success of previous dating shows from the streaming platform.

It comes weeks after a trailer was released for a bizarre new dating show on Netflix which sees singletons don elaborate costumes to woo potential matches.  

Joel married wife Hannah Cooper, 30,  in a romantic 2019 ceremony on the beach in Mykonos, Greece 

Sexy Beasts, which will be released in the streaming service in the US and the UK on 21 July, is a six-part series that promises to take looks completely out of the equation for daters using fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics to transform and conceal their faces – giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality. 

Each singleton will only get the chance to see the real face of their chosen match after they have made their final decision, which will be based entirely on their feelings about the other person’s personality.

In a first-look trailer for the quirky new show, British and American singletons can be seen wearing the unusual prosthetics which completely disguise their appearance.

From beaver costumes to alien masks and shark fins, the daters are left with no idea what their potential match really looks like and must therefore judge their compatibility on personality alone. 

Sexy Beasts, which is set to arrive on the streaming service on 21 July, is a six-part series that promises to take looks completely out of the dating equation with fantastical costumes

Despite the daters’ weird and wacky appearances, the meet-ups themselves are rather more traditional, with the singles seen heading out for drinks, going bowling, and even enjoying some axe-throwing together – all while modeling their beast-like costumes. 

However there is certainly some apprehension on the part of the daters as far as physical attraction in concerned, with one woman – who is dressed as a panda – asking her date: ‘So what if I pick you, and I’m not what you expected underneath?’

Other singletons were even more forward with their dates – and one woman cut right to the chase during drinks with her match, blurting out: ‘I want to get married, I want to have babies before I’m, like, 26. Do you have health insurance?’

At the end of the show, daters must choose one of three potential matches to see again, before their true appearance is unveiled. 

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